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  1. 844MBR is versatile enough for 3/8-12 chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, square bills, jigs etc.
  2. Just got the newly released EDGE Epitome MBR 725-1C, utilizing the new X-Ray Air Carbon blank, the rod weights just 2.92 ounces on my scale, I paired it with a 2022 Bantam. So far this is the only Bass specific rod using this new blank that they've released.
  3. I use the Bite Me Tackle Finesse Shakey Heads they come in 2/0 size, perfect for the zoom finesse worm or a 4.5 inch straight tail roboworm. Here's a picture with a 4.5 inch roboworm
  4. I have the P5 Landsat with an Exist, I would get the the Landsat and since your partial to Shimano reels pair it with a Vanquish.
  5. Unless your purposely sabotaging every experience you have with spinning gear, it's equipment and or user error, otherwise you wouldn't post about your troubles using it. These are your issues are they not? I have none of these issues and I have straight 8lb-10lb flourocarbon on a few spinning combos.
  6. Times are tough gotta cut costs somewhere.
  7. It seems like it's a combination of equipment and user error that's causing the OP frustration. I rarely have line twist issues or casting distance difficulties and I know plenty of other anglers without the same problems as the OP. Spinning gear definitely has it's place but rod, reel (depth and diameter of the spool) and line choice are very important factors when it comes to line management and casting range.
  8. Got a couple new spinning combos for this fall and winter. From top to bottom: Combo 1 Rod: JDM Gamakatsu Luxxe Efreet S70MHF 1100g Toray blank weighs in at 85 grams (head to head competition with the NRX+ 822S SYR, my money is on the Luxxe just based off initial impressions) Reel: Shimano C3000MHG with 8lb J-Flouro Intended use 3/16-1/4 shakyheads/Mojo rig Combo 2 Rod: G Loomis NRX+ 822S SYR Reel: JDM Shimano 22 Stella C3000MHG with 8lb J-Flouro Intended use 3/16-1/4 shakyheads/Mojo rig Combo 3 Rod: G Loomis NRX+ 852S JWR Reel: JDM Shimano 22 Stella C3000MHG with 8lb J-Flouro Intended use: 1/4 Keitech and Bass Union football jigs with 4-5 inch GYCB trailers. Combo 4 Rod: G Loomis NRX+ 822S DSR Reel: JDM Shimano 22 Stella C2500S with 5lb J-Flouro Intended use: Casting nose hooked 3 inch Keitech Easy Shiners/ Megabass Hazedong shads on 1/8-3/16 ounce dropshot weights. (This rod is a tad bit stiffer than the previous generation NRX 822DSR) it's like a +.25 compared to the first generation.
  9. It's pretty sweet, good rod for 1/4 keitech football jigs with a 4 inch GYCB DT grub.
  10. Added a Magforce Z Boost spool to one of my Zillion Type-R's to try out.
  11. Just got a Sedition Cristobal and a new TD-Z 103HL
  12. Best to treat Loomis guys and Dobyns guys like mushrooms, it's the humane thing to do. It's ok to say this because I have some loomis and dobyns friends.
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