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Community Answers

  1. Wow! You caught 57 more than I ever have on a WP.!
  2. Wait, what? Pigs must have flown…😀 Congrats!
  3. That is the exact worm I did well with for numbers a couple years ago. I didn’t even boil them first…
  4. View off my son’s cabin deck…
  5. Colorado is the most beautiful place I’ve seen…
  6. I love off roading, my wife was nervous on this one though…
  7. It does on a picture but in person they just seem much higher. These mountains are around 10,000 feet…
  8. Another Rocky Mountain picture…
  9. We put some in our lake around 7-8 years ago. They initially ate all the southern Niad which was a good thing. They have not done much if anything with the eel grass. Real Big bass have completely disappeared in the last couple years though but I suspect it’s the otter(s) that did that. The other negative in the same years is all the black algae we now have. Never had it before the carp . Not sure if there’s any correlation but it’s a strange coincidence. The few carp we have left are HUGE. I mean like 50-60 pounds. They don’t seem to be reproducing . Not sure I would stock them again… Good luck with your situation…
  10. I go on road trips a few times a year, and usually fish no more than an hour and a half away. I go out in the boat in the home lake every 2 weeks on average. I will usually bank fish also for shorter time periods 2-3 times a week.
  11. Went to one of my Grandson’s graduation in Colorado. This is Pike’s Peak…
  12. Where I mostly fish T rigs, it’s shallow and weedy. If I use any weight at all, it’s often a small split shot. When I fish deeper water, I use a bullet weight unpegged. I don’t punch often, but when I do it’s with a pegged bullet weight, how heavy depends on how heavy the cover.
  13. I primarily use white or yellow bottom frogs,With Green top and black spots…I fish only low light conditions or night. Can’t say my results have been stellar, but I did get a 7.3 on a yellow bottom pad crasher jr, on 4th of July in the first hour of dailight…
  14. It depends on the type of water body too. If the water’s way up and out of it’s banks into a swamp fish will be dispersed and harder to find. If the water is contained in a lake , just higher, fish will often be up shallow to get all the food washing in. They will also face drains and pick off food sources coming through. When the waters low they are more concentrated and should be easier to find, especially the smaller the water body…
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