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  1. Thanks for all of the input, I’ll definitely research all of those. Btw @FishTank, I’m mostly looking for fishing gloves (since that’s really the only time I’m in super cold temps for very long). I like the idea of using 2 pair @michaelb, especially for when it’s warm enough to only have the thick pair on part of the time. Those outdoorresearch gloves look pretty sweet, but dang I’d be afraid to use something that expensive lol
  2. I’ve tried something kinda like these by duct taping hand warmers to the back of my gloves before (redneck fix ?) and while it did help some it wasn’t quite enough
  3. So I’ve picked up a case of Raynaud’s over the past year, so I’m looking to buy a pair of super warm gloves (I’m thinking a battery heated pair). Any suggestions? Normal winter gloves just don’t keep my hands from losing blood flow anymore. Anyone use any heated gloves that they like, or dislike?
  4. Hey guys, been a hot minute since I’ve been on but I’ve still been harassing those green fish lol. Purdue isn’t letting us fish bass tourneys, so I’m looking for a good bass club to join with my brother. Anyone have any bass clubs they either have heard good things about or are in and like? Preferably with entry fees <$80 ish
  5. In my opinion, it is well worth the extra $$ for the awesome hooks and hardware, starts vibrating instantly, and perhaps most importantly; sheds weeds better than any other chatterbait I’ve used. A quick jerk of the rod will usually free it of any weeds (as well as give it a killer dart that triggers any followers as well). But only you and your budget can answer whether it’s worth the money
  6. Thanks for the info! And unfortunately I don’t have any Daiwa’s with a 34mm free floating spool, I’ve been a Shimano guy until getting to use a type R recently (which I absolutely love for skipping jigs). I was referring to the 103 (sorry I forgot to specify) just cuz it seems to be cheaper and easier to find on e-bay than the 105, especially in a lefty.
  7. Hey guys, got a question regarding the Daiwa Tatula sv TW103 and the Daiwa SS SV (specifically the 103) While there’s a huge difference between the 2 reels in msrp, they can actually both be had for about the same on e-bay. However, I’ve heard the SS is overbraked, and overpriced to start with. Which reel do y’all think is better? How do they compare/differ? The whole Daiwa lineup is as confusing as I’ll get out, at least it is for me anyways. I’ll be mounting it on a 7’M rod, and mostly using it to skip finesse jigs under docks, but it will also be a general purpose rod.
  8. So after years of hating them, I’ve finally become a jig fishing addict (Lately I’ve been throwing the dirty jigs finesse jig a lot), and the bait monkey has me by the throat lol. So I’m looking to stock up on jigs, and was wondering what you guys think of the Andy’s jigs? Particularly the ones with hair and silicone, I fish heavily pressured lakes and try to do things a little differently than that crowd. Most of my jig fishing is dock skipping in water under 10 feet btw
  9. Sheesh, now I’ve gotta buy some of these ??‍♂️
  10. Let me know if you find any good deals, I’ve gone the last handful of years but probably won’t be this year unless I hear of some deals. Seems like the selection has declined the last few years, and I haven’t seen much for good sales either. Always a good time though
  11. Didn’t have time to research this one much, so I’m pretty happy with my mediocre day one. My Bucket A pick of Cory Johnston is currently bombing hard which sure ain’t helping though
  12. Hey guys, I found a good deal on a 7’2” Phenix M1 spinning rod, what’s y’all’s opinion on the M1s? Also, it’s rated for 1/8-3/8 ounce lures and is labeled as a light powered rod, do they tend to run heavier than rated by any chance? Hoping to use it for 1/8 ounce shaky heads, keitech 2.8s, etc
  13. Man that's an insane find, I'd have bought every single one they had lol. Love those jackhammers
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