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  1. On 5/13/2024 at 2:11 PM, Zcoker said:

    For some, a pet will do as the best fishing buddy. I get that very well. Here's my dog, Sasha, who was a very good surf fishing partner. She would lay down and guard the sand spike and bark at the waves when I was reeling in a fish. Then, on the way home, take a long nap lol. Had to put her to down after--get this--25 years. Yes, that's 25 human years! When I put her down, the Vet had asked me what was my secret because he'd never heard of a dog living so long. I said two things: fishing and no Vets. 


    Guarding the sand spike and stuff




    After a long day of fishing 





    Good girl Sasha. That’s also a good recipe for humans, no doctors and lots of fishing 

    On 5/13/2024 at 4:35 PM, GaryH said:

    I’ve helped many of folks at a ramp that’s having trouble. Getting mad is only going to ruin your day. We were all there at one time not knowing all the tricks to loading or unloading. Different story if they’re being ignorant and just goofing off instead of loading or unloading. 


    Ain’t that the truth! There was a guy with a jon boat taking out the other day, me and my buddy talked to him for a bit. Said he had a kayak and fished a while, decided to upgrade to Jon boat . From out of town somewhere I forgot. Some ladies pulled up in kayaks and we were already blocking the ramp chit chatting so me and my friend paddled away to clear the ramp. Got maybe a quarter mile upstream and heard some god awful sounds, he had dropped an axle off the side of the concrete. We paddled back toward the ramp to help but by the time we got close he had locked it in 4x4 with a nice newish f150 and grinded his way out after disconnecting the trailer. Later that night when we took out, there was a terrible set of chunks taken out of the concrete ramp from his axle, I still feel bad we didn’t back his trailer down for him. My buddy said he mentioned something about not being able to back a trailer, I never heard that part as I was parking my truck . Granted he shouldn’t have been launching without knowing how but dang he tore up some stuff and I wish we could have taught him something 

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