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  1. Well where to start........... The last few days have been good to great fishing. The bits have stayed up but the size dropped off severally. Let's say 95 too 98% short non legal buck bass. Fishing off our dock every night, we haven't had a single white perch bite in atleast 5 days. Until yesterday and last night. Took out around noon yesterday, hit my favorite cypress trees in front my house and the very first cast I hook up and land a 4.72lb bass. Two cast later and the second tree and I hook up and land a 4.68lb bass, followed up with one legal keeper and around 20 non legal keepers for the rest of the day. Last evening on the dock I had 6 white perch bite, two came unhooked and landed 4 of them. The smallest one is 1.01lbs the largest is 1.55lbs, big ole fat girls. Baits for bass included- babybass colored 4 inch swimbait on a owner flashey swimmer 3/0 hook, gold Colorado or gold willow leave blade. All bass came out of 2 foot or less of water Baits for white perch- shiner under a cork set at 1.5 foot depth, fishing in about 2 foot of water. Them big girls are on the move fellas, yall better be getting them before I do lol.
  2. Non of them. Every square inch of water within a 500 mile circle of toledo bend gets beat on every year for bass. There's no secret spots leavt in the bass fish game.
  3. The lower Sabine aka south of the dam is good bass fishing, the upper Sabine from circle drive to Logansport not so much good bass fishing. I feel the lake aka toledo is so good because of the huge amount of wood cover in all water depths as well as the amount of bait fish aka shad and bream. To have a healthy and large population of predator fish, you have to have a even larger and healthier population of prey fish and this lake has more prey fish then we can even calculate a number too. I have caught bass so stuffed with shad, that they looked like they had swallowed a foot ball and had tail fins sticking out their throat hole while I was unhooking them. The lake also has a bottom that is conducive to bass being able too live a good life year round, as they can go deep to survive the temp drops of coldfronts while still being able too feed well from shad die offs during those coldfronts. That and the lake is so huge, that there is no amount of fishing pressure that can drive the productivity of bass breeding down and lower the over all bass numbers. I seen it said one "for every bass spawing on the bank, turn around and their is 20 spawning out deep". There have been pictures taken of bass spawning ontop of stumps out in deep water. I read it posted by sra la/tx biologists that the lake can produce hundreds of tons of bass in pounds per year, like in the 100 million pound range per year. Same as killing big racked bucks. If they can avoid danger they can live long enough to get big and this lake has all the necessary things for a bass to live a long time and stack on the weight. Give you an example. My house we clean and eat around 150 to 175 bass per year. 99% of those bass are caught within a 2 mile stretch of my house on San Miguel. The lake fish's as good or better for me every year. Yep. Only time I have seen it become "clear" aka "clean" is during the hot part of summer. And that takes several weeks of no rain and all day every day calm winds. I'm saying clean meaning instead of 3 to 5 inches of visibility it goes to 7 to 9 inches of visibility. I don't like it that "clean". They can see me to easily and I be kind of ugly 🤧 😤 🤪
  4. I promise you there is a new wolrd record swimming around in this lake.
  5. Forgot to add, they seem to be favoring the gold Colorado blade version right now. I got out for a few hours after lunch today, really only fished for 2 hours but I managed 7 bites. First five bites were solid 15 to 16.5 inch fish, next tow bites were short fish. Found one stretch of bank that was sheltered from the wind and had sun on it nearly all day. Water temp on that back was 60 to 61 degrees. They were holding tight under cypress trees. Babybass colored swimbait on the above mentioned hook.
  6. Oddly enough they weren't on the trees for us today, just on laydowns, branch piles and brush tops that were barely sticking out the waters surface. Neighbor asked. Why you waited so long to go fish today? Me- waited on the water to warm up and the south winds to blow shad up into the backs of the coves. Timed it perfectly, each back that was wind swept and had a water temp on my graph of 60 degrees are more,that's where they were at. Ribbet frog 🐸 is coming back into the line up tomorrow. I'm thinking tomorrow and Friday is going to be perrty awesome.
  7. Lol. Should have called me lol I got a big box full of them spinnerbugs I don't ever use lol. They were up tight to wood today, we had to basicly beat the brush/wood with the swimbait to get them to strike, but boy would they bite when we found one.
  8. You right about that. They ain't straight and the markers are missing in some spots.
  9. Not bad. I didn't leave the house till around noon. But me and my neighbor boated 12 keepers from noon to about 3:30. Not many small fish today all good fish. Baby bass colored swimbait on a owner flashy simmer hook, gold Colorado blade.
  10. I just dropped the boat back in off of 191 at the closed down gas station ramp. Water temps in 3 to 7 foot areas are 60 to 62.4 degrees. Back end of San Miguel.
  11. Not sure if the amount of rain fall we got but the lake came up 6+ inches since yesterday afternoon on San Miguel and its still coming up. I would say we will stabilize tomorrow evening around 171.25 to 171.50 feet. If the weather forecast I looked at around 7pm is correct, come Tuesday or wensday mid day the big pond will be on fire.
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