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    chicago, ill
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    Between 6-7 lbs
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    Largemouth & Smallmouth
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    Small inland lakes in SW Michigan, shore fish Lake Michigan harbors, and any other body of water I can get on.

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    I shore fish the big lake when the smallies are in the harbors, but do best on an inland lake in SW Michigan.

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  1. I use a Shimano Expride 610M/MF and a Major Craft Days 692M/F. Really happy with both, but the Days is significantly cheaper. scott
  2. With the thumb bar depressed... scott
  3. I do too, never like seeing any of the little guys go in any business. Don't let me tell you what to do, but 2-3lb bass buried in cover on a bright moon will find and destroy this thing when a jig, t-mac, or bull worm won't get their attention here in michigan. I'm sure NJ bass can hate it just the same. Best site I found for the color search. https://www.zeiners.com/hagstornado/hags-tornado-undertaker-color-chart.html scott
  4. The ML Phenix throws a true 1/4oz just fine. I can only get about 20yds with a 1/8oz float n fly with no float. So I think 1/4oz is the true bottom for normal operations. A cut down Zman fatty worm on a 1/8oz ball head flies out there and brings back fish. The ML feather is fun. scott
  5. Haha, all good. I have no idea who's mold it is and who was first. I do think the oversize worm is a unique look to give them though. I tried going through them directly, hope they're doing ok, here's the response... Tommy Hagler Wed, May 24, 4:19 PM (4 days ago) to me Im sorry but the website is down. It may not be back up till middle of June. I realize thats a long time. If you go to Tackle warehouse and check with both of their stores, or maybe request the baits you want thru them. Again Ilm sorry. Thanks Barbie Hagler
  6. I only fish freestyles in 6”. They catch. I like them with the 8/0 and a XH expride braid to leader. I’m able to set the hook all the way at the end of a long cast which seems to be my most likely place to get a bite. scott
  7. It is a tornado. In storm chaser. I’m definitely down to learn about something like it because these are killing and it’s hard to find the 8” version. I just cleared out fishin world in Dallas of their California Red and watermelon. The 6.5 tornado is so much smaller, gets more attention from panfish. scott grande bass? Trophy hunter??
  8. The '22 Bantam is my favorite. The '18 is great, but enjoy the extra casting distance with lighter frogs on the new design. Both are jdm models, right under $250 as of today, which isn't cheap but they seem like they'll last forever. scott
  9. I've found their ratings to be very accurate on the 692M and I've pushed way past the max 3oz on the 702x. Maybe this helps. I got the older one because I got hooked on wanting to try the '23 model. I also have plenty of gear now, so I decided I would like a set of 2-piece rods for some live in the car stuff and some possible/likely extended work trips. The 2 piece makes jdm shipping free, usually. Shimreels.com too. https://www.digitaka.com/item/29/6/5/4573236260310 https://www.digitaka.com/item/29/6/5/4573236260358 scott I chose the M/F because I like to throw finesse jigs in lake michigan. Most of the Days lineup is ModFast
  10. I couldn't find any speedstyles when I was looking in early spring. Now, I have the 692M and 702X in the '18 Days series and am really impressed. The M is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I usually reach for it over the 6'10m expride. scott
  11. If you're fishing reaction, follow @A-Jay's advice. Learning to tie that leader can save you hundreds of dollars. Worst one for me was a full size gantarel completely engulfed in a very healthy pike. Just as I was trying to get the net under her she came up mouth open enough for me to see my $30 glide bait and half tail walked flopped over and tink goes my line. Terrible feeling on all accounts. If I lose another I'm going full @torm Finesse is tough, the only thing I know is straight braid is worse than braid to leader. scott
  12. I'm a line watcher as well with senkos and don't really fish them often anymore and definitely not at night. I went the other way, 1/2oz fintech magnum jig and a 8" hags tornado. The 1/2oz puts me in contact with everything, and the large ribbed floating worm allows for shaking in place as I slowly work through the cover. Has been good to me the last few nights. scott
  13. If Quatro is all you know, I'm sure either of these is gonna be deafeningly quiet comparatively. I have one Steez w/ 8 strand PP and one with quatro, it's a dramatic difference. scott
  14. Welcome southsider! Spent my childhood right down the street on Karlov. This is pro level right here ^^^. Hitting and stopping at $50.97 w/ 3 baits. Megabass, 15% off, free shipping...well done. You and the bait monkey currently have a very nice relationship. Good luck with that here. scott
  15. 1/2 and 3/4 are what I have. General rule, up to 18ish feet, a half ounce. Over 25', 3/4oz. Between 18-25' it depends how fast I think I want to reel. The technique works for me on weedy water, but I tend to think it really shines when you can tick the rocks and break the cadence. I also had some success using a *** hags tornado on a swinghead last weekend. The floating worm on a pivoting head gave me confidence that there's some unique action happening. But that's more of a big bait finesse approach. scott
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