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  1. From left to right, some rods from brazilian market: 1- Rapala TS2 Spinning (30lb, H-power) 2- Shimano Compre (a 20lb rod underrated as a 15lb one, in the most shimanoish way. Actually the brand used the good reputation of the previous models, to sell a rod with cheaper carbon blank. 36ton to 24ton downgrade). The green old compres are the real deal. 3- Saint Datsun (10lb, ML-Power) - braziliam OEM brand 4- Maruri H y p e r i o n (8lb, UL-power)- brazilian OEM brand. Seems like the rod name trigger someone here since it's automatically censored. 5- Rapala Gold II (8lb, UL-power) In the past, I noted US brands were using cheaper carbon meshes, in their rods, even more so in the mid to high-end lines. The large diameter is a classic indicator of cheaper carbon mesh, in spite of the fiber density, or tonnage. I saw a Phenix Classic BFS rod and It has the same diameter as the first blue H-power rod in the picture, just above the foregrip. The same thing happens in the Dobyns Sierra Series, Shimano Expride... None of the rods pictured are trout ones, all classic bass rods.
  2. Wow, I use 30lb to fish for Giant Araipamas. Isn't that diameter a strong overkill?
  3. What kind of fish are aiming with froggin under a 65lb line?
  4. The Phenix Classic BFS seems to have a very cheap carbon tissue.
  5. But it matters. The finger test is useful to show where the mass center is in the reel-rod combo. The closest to the hand/fore grip, the better, for casting, specially when jerking and slashing. When the combo is heavier, way above the fore grip, the stress in the wrists more noticeable.
  6. But you are right. They are discouraging diy service. MagSeal is ***, just magnetic grease hold by specific ferromagnetic plates in the reel internal parts. Magsealed bearing are a whole new situation.
  7. Barely an upgrade. Try the Alphas CT SV, a multi-purpose, high-end reel.
  8. For me, MagSeal is a downside, since the magnetic grease isn't easily accessible and daiwa wants to force users to send the reels to them.
  9. No. But there are several wannabes trying to pose as BFS anglers using heavier gear. Actually is a current epidemic in angling scene, as for now.
  10. 2021 Conquest 101. Since the new 101 size is the same as the one 51 one, I would customize it to BFS, since the ''New'' Conquest BFS is a joke.
  11. Dragging is the act of pull a crank/jerkbait, using line tension, without cranking. Sudden death is a frenetic cranking, followed by a sudden stop.
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