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  1. MegaBass has a few limited colors out of the 110 series, perhaps their most collectable baits. Spawn Cherry, and Spawn Killer IIrc. Join the MegaBass facebook group, you can buy him lots of rare stuff in those groups.
  2. Months later, this is still the lure in my box that puts the most excitement in it. With the 77-80d temps, I've started to burn/go this big Shimano swimbait, and the fish of all sizes now have come unglued on it the last week +. I've gotten Bluegills, and little packs of 6" Bass to follow this bait, it has a randomness and body roll on the burn retrieve that straddles that big bait line perfectly. I just love this bait so much, every single time out, it produces at least one moment of pure electricity. Today it caught 4 fish including a 5.8 big fish, but had another 2-3 strikes, and at least that many swervers. Had a 5+ shake it in the air last time out with it, whether you lose them or catch them like today, watching a 5+ submarine and commit on a bait is the most addictive way I've found to catch these fish. I'd say I get to witness over half the fish I catch on the bait track and eat it. The Buzzbait is exhilarating but like a Jack in the Box, this bait is like watching the innards of the Jack in the Box work right before they spring.
  3. Don't give up on it brother, it's been easily the best big I've thrown.
  4. Yeah that was a whole soup sandwich that made me a little angry lol. So a place called Dance's Sporting Goods in VA made a post in Swimbait Universe that they had all colors in stock......within a minute or two I ordered the Gizzard from them. They waited over 20hrs to cancel my order after telling us some of our orders might be cancelled only a few hours after I ordered. Apparently they oversold Gizzards to 36 people. Meanwhile I didn't buy the bone in stock at BPS because I didn't know whether my order would be cancelled or not. 20hrs later they in fact cancelled my order, BPS was out of bone, and I was left with no Chad Shad ordered. I finally ordered it from TW, it will get here whenever it gets here. I'm so done with those beanie baby big baits, and the beanie baby collectors who make up 90% of that niche in bass fishing. Some of us only want these baits to catch fish. Don't do business with Dance's is about the only take away I got lol.
  5. Low, to the side with tip about a couple feet from the water Took me awhile to figure that's the deal in terms of getting fantastic hookup percentages.
  6. Finally ordered a Gizzard Shad earlier today, hopefully it gets here next week. I've been waiting on one of these for months, hope you enjoy that one.
  7. Nice, that one's been on the bed. Always a wave before we realize it, hopefully the big girl locks down....and I'd imagine the closer we get to June 3rd, the better chances she will. Once they start spawning on my lake, I could set my watch to them in regard to the new moon and full moon pattern. One of the huge takeaways I learned this Spring. If she looks like a 6......She could be a 7, or she could be a 5. Hope you catch your white whale 😎
  8. WHAT A MAGNICENT GREEN TUNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow that's incredible Scott, how exciting is that! Congrats friend, those bugeyes tell the story 😎
  9. Stack the deck, don't fish bad lakes or bodies of water is the easiest route. Go fishing at night or very early in the morning, and throw big topwaters, chatterbaits, and big soft plastics in dark colors Fish near the middle of the day in the winter If you just keep fishing though, you'll inevitably start catching bigger fish.
  10. Night A-Rigging in the Summer.......just the thought of that makes me happy 😎 You're a hammer on that A-Rig, wouldn't surprise me at all if you make that deal work. You'd think making yourself try new things is easy, and at least for me it's the exact opposite. One of the hardest parts of Bass fishing for me is changing things up. We gotta stop talking about A-Rigs and Axe Blades......I'm about to go put my head in the freezer and think about Winter 🀣
  11. I didn't know you had an A-Rig, sub 60d water that's the deal. Play around with the size swimmers you use. Sometimes they want a big 4"+ one, other times they want a 3" size one. If you can get on an A-Rig bite, it will change your life 😎
  12. Sniper is the best I've found, haven't used Shooter or Tatsu. To me Sniper is perfect, have no reason to look elsewhere. Do you use some Reel Magic or similar product, stuff works.
  13. Yes, it's exactly like all the other Flashboost baits, magic in a box. Most certainly my favorite popper, but I'm not a huge popper guy. I know this is the only one I need going foward though. Work that sucker faster if you are getting followers on it.
  14. Nice piggies, and you'll get them figured out. Being around schooling/frenzied fish is one of the most exciting, and potentially frustrating things in fishing. They'll either eat just about anything you can get close, or they won't touch anything but a particular magic bait that it seemingly takes forever to find. Again I think there is always a bait they'll chew, just a matter of finding it. 3 seasons of the year I deal with lots and lots of this behavior, I've missed it big time during the Spring. I don't get up early enough for the Shad Spawn, and outside of that I never see them doing it. The Winter and Fall is incredible, acres will erupt with this type of activity. Now I'm sad it' not Winter πŸ˜†
  15. Nice ones Katie, especially those bigger ones! I would have hit them with that Damiki Axe Blade if your water is still sub 60s. That or Yo Yo a lipless or blade bait through them......I've found that many times the bigger fish will sit under all that frenzy above them and just slurp up the stunned and dying baitfish from the JV team. There is always a magic bait they'll eat, some days they'll eat most anything in that situation, others you can't cycle through enough baits to get one. I spent 2 days cycling through baits this winter one week on some schooling fish that pushed shallow during a warming trend, then on the third day I found the bait and had 50+ fish in an afternoon.
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