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  1. I have never caught a big bass off a bed that I could see ! Tired but Ben bet successful. All were blind casting to area where big pre spawn females were located . Tom
  2. Ever use a weightless Senko? Tom
  3. Hair jig with pork trailers don’t look like any crawdad yet big bass eat it for over 100 years everywhere bass live. If it moves and acts like it’s alive to the bass they may eat it or not. When I discover a lure the bass eat I use it until they stop eating it, so far they haven’t stopped eating hair jigs with pork trailers or soft plastic worms. I like natural looking lures but don’t eat them😎 Tom
  4. It’s easy to get overloaded with bass fishing information with fishing forums, UTube video’s and TY programs. Every bass angler started off with 1 rod & reel with a few lures before the internet. Now it’s too much mis information along with good advice. This site is as good as it gets regarding good information. Pick 1 rod and reel; spinning rod 6’8 to 7’ Medium/ 3 power, fast action and 2500 size reel, 8# mono within your budget. Casting suggest 7’ to 7’4” Medium Heavy/4 power, fast action with size 100 casting reel. Line 12# mono. Both these combo’s catch bass everywhere. Watch Glenn’s video how to cast combo you choose. Lures, soft plastic worm. Spinning learn to use a 5” Senko, watch Glenn’s video. Casting learn how to rig a Texas hook worm with 3/16 oz sliding bullet weight, watch Glenn’s video. You are ready to go bass anywhere and catch fish. Do this for 1 year and fish in lieu of looking at more confusing internet info. Tom
  5. The 1st thing to do is look for posted private property or fenced. If it’s open land no signs or fences go for it. Tom
  6. Bluff is basically a cliff or vertical structure. Look for isolated elements at the depth are suspended at. Isolated structure element is shown on the red circled map as shelved indicated by wider separation in the elevation lines. Crevasse breaks in the rock wall or some wood. The landslide statement has merit as isolated structure. Look closely and the fish holding elements will stand out. Senko’s can be very effective falling vertical within a foot of the wall and are good landed on the shelves. Tom
  7. Don’t post any pictures a promise made to my wife years ago. I think I have 1 photo on BR by another member and several in the flea Market 2 years ago. Tom
  8. Tackle Warehouse currently has UJ # 11 crawdads brown on sale and closing Iovino’s craw trailers, suggest oxblood. Don’t wait! Pork trailers must be kept wet, a lure wrap with foam works good, take off the rind after fishing. You nose hook pork trailers and can put the skin side down, fat chunk upwards for better gliding swimming action. Tom
  9. Hand pour soft plastic like Don Iovino* Craw trailer while they last on TW. UJ #11 pork frog 1st choice. Tom * being closed out as Don isn’t making any soft plastics.
  10. The hand painted Hudlebugs work better then the originals.👍
  11. When I put together The Cosmic Clock and Bass Calendar in 1974 the data and observations are my own based on my experience at that time. Many of the terms have been adopted todays bass fishing jargon. Most are simply common sense. My background isn’t fish biology it’s aerospace engineering based on critical thinking to solve problems, it’s how I am wired. Bass fishing is a passion not a vocation. I grew up fishing and working on bait landings allowing me to observe bass behavior. When I say inactive bass will not strike a lure or live bait it’s based on hundreds of hours trying to get inactive bass I could see clearly being non reactive no matter what I tried. Same bass a few hours later would attack nearly anything dropped in it’s area because that bass was know active. I made the same behavior over 2 decades in several lakes and very clear quarry lakes. Lakes in San Diego and several local lakes plus lakes across the country. Tom
  12. If I didn’t buy any new lures after selling 99% of my tackle 2 years ago, what I still have will last a lifetime. even though only fish about 6 times a year now I still like to buy new lures! Tom
  13. Your reel is a left hand wide spool and round. Decent reel for heavier line and lures like 2 oz to 6 oz swimbaits. Do you prefer round left hand reels? My suggestion to learn to cast use 12 lbs Big Game, good all around mono line and inexpensive. Also advise watching Glenn’s video how to cast with bait casting reels. The DC type reels will eliminate over runs or back lashing. We have members who promote Daiwa, Lews and Shimano reels and rods, you will more replies then you need within your budget. what lures do you plan to use? Tom
  14. Yes change your hook set technique. When you detect a strike in lieu of rod setting simply crank your reel fast to load up the rod then sweep it back firmly. Do not let the bass gas slack line. Set your drag at 4 lbs., you don’t need a leader with single hook moving lures like spinnerbait or chatterbait. Tom
  15. WON report is tough bite in 30/35’ of water. WON is about 2 weeks late. 2 weeks from now things should pick up if it warms up. Tom
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