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  1. EWG hook bend can cam over then the bass churches down and end sideways in the mouth. A hook sideways is OK if the bass turns away when you hook set, or gets pulled straight out when facing you. Tom
  2. Honda changed the 4 stroke OB engine using a lighter weight design that worked. Mercury and all others followed offering light weight 4 strokes ending the inline 6 cylinder Verado supercharged e give popularity. Verado is good reliable 4 stroke engine that is too heavy for most bass boats. Tom PS, the boat in the OP’s avatar also has a kicker OB adding more weight.
  3. Straight shank worm hook the point is highest above the hook eye. Extra Wide Gape the hook point is even with the hook eye. Off set wide gap hook the the point may be above the hook eye or even. Why is this important? Your line is tied to the hook at the hook eye and you apply pulling force trying to move the hook point into the basses bass. If the hook point is even with the line tie you pull the hook out of the basses mouth on a straight pulling force, unless the hook is down into the bass throat. Straight shank results in higher hook penetration, off set with point above hook eye is 2nd, hooks like have lowest % of hooking bass, especially on a straight line pulling force ie; Carolina rigs. Tom
  4. Fins braid doesn’t change color or fade. Tom
  5. There is a difference between giving your life and giving your time. Veteran’s Day is set aside to give thanks to those who served our country. Memorial Day is for those gave their lives in service, there is a difference. What those soldiers in the bar may be saying to your son is they didn’t him, they served their country and he could do the same. Saying thank you for your service should be appreciated by all. Peace, Tom
  6. The military isn’t “serving you” they are serving “their” country. Memorial Day is different then Veterans Day, a Memorial means giving thanks to those who gave their lives. Tom
  7. Armilo has the unique properties of high strength, abrasion, low memory and small diameter. Armilo isn’t offered in test below 11 lbs or diameter below .011 or over 25 lbs/.016 diameter. Trilene XL 8 lb is .010 Dia, Big Game, XT and Suffix Advance 8 lb is .011 dia, SuperNatural is .009 dia. Armilo 11lb is .011 dia, same as most 8 lb mono. Tom
  8. The vertical listing has been going on for me awhile now and it’s random very frustrating😣 Tom
  9. Snaps or clips are used on diving crank baits for ease of lure change. Swivels are used as a C-rig component, added to Split rings on lures lure structure/flutter spoons to reduce line twist. Built in hard lure swivel hook hangers are fairly new to help reduce bass from shaking the lure, not sure it helps? Bass don’t spin when fighting, they shake their head to get rid of the lure hook. Swivel clips have very limited use in bass fishing and used on lures that spin when retrieved like inline spinners. If using a spinning reel adding a small Spro swivel to the Split ring helps to reduce line twist, not needed for bait casting reels. I used 2 Split rings on big swimbait hook hangers to reduce the bass shaking the hook loose on hard jointed lures. Tom
  10. Sunline Super Natural 8# / .009D isn’t expensive $9 for 330yd spool and very low memory, good knot strength superior to XL imo. Tom
  11. I had a Pumpkin Seed hydro with Merc Super 10 Quick Silver Lower unit in 1955. Don’t know how fast it was but guess about 35-40 mph. Fun boat but tricky to turn. Tom
  12. If you have a reel on the rod it takes up 2’ of line with each full handle turn faster then a long rod. Only hook set with the rod when the lure is nearly vertical with a straight lift. Learned to do this with 5’ pistol grip rod back in 50’s, more then 1 way to stick a bass. Tom
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