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  1. WRB's post in Swimbait Rod Grips was marked as the answer   
    Cork is usually 1” disk segments glued together on the rod blank then shaped and sanded.
  2. WRB's post in Max Temp for Successful Spawn??? was marked as the answer   
    Water temps at the depth the bass are located. Not surface temps or air temps. Above 75 degrees the swarm of blurgills and carp can overwhelm the nest eating eggs and fry so survival rates drop significantly.
  3. WRB's post in Which Glide Bait. was marked as the answer   
    Matt Lures Hard Gil, Talopia $85
    PS, contact Matt and ask if he would paint the back a little greener. Medium sink.
  4. WRB's post in Bow roller was marked as the answer   
    Get the 5” wide/3” middle 3 piece roller. Helps loading in the wind with the outside wider roller ears. Color, they come in several take your choice. My last trailer had the roller for 15 years when I sold it and it was in good condition.
    T-H Marine Super Roller.
  5. WRB's post in BFS Help was marked as the answer   
    13 Fishing has a higher end shallow light weight spool reel BOSS in 8:1 ratio.
  6. WRB's post in Medium power spinning rod was marked as the answer   
    SC Victory VTS73MXF, 3/16-1/2 oz lures.
    Softer tip is preferred for finesse drop shot or slip shot rigs and accurate casting weightless wacky rigged Senko's or Neko/nail weight etc.
    This rod loads up quickly for solid hook sets.
  7. WRB's post in What is Nylon Line? was marked as the answer   
    All “mono” lines are Nylon or blends of Nylon and polyester or polyurethane called copolymer mono line.
    The highest end small diameter line is made by Sunline called Shooter Diefer Armilo Nylon Mono line.
    Co-extruded line like Yo-Zuri Hybrid is often called Copolymer line incorrectly...it’s hybrid because it’s mono line co- extruded with Fluorocarbon jacket.
    Fluorocarbon is a monofilament (single filament) line but marketed as Fluorocarbon line to separate it from Nylon.
    ps, 1/16 poly tubing at a aquarium fish store.
    Take a hook with you to size it properly. 
  8. WRB's post in What are Pre and Post Frontal Weather Conditions? was marked as the answer   
    A front is a change is the barometer pressure, lower pressure allows clouds to fill in the void, cold front is the front of higher pressure pushing out the low pressure and clouds creating windy clear skies.
    Bass feel pressure change with their air bladder and simply move up or down in the water depth to compensate. Water temperature and light changes impact their activity level more then slight pressure changes. Storms often have cold rain fall that lower the water temps directly impacting bass activity if they are shallow enough for the surface water to affect them.
  9. WRB's post in San Luis Reservoir, California Striper Fishing Help was marked as the answer   
    Without a boat the O’Neill Forebay would be a better choice.
    Watch for birds feeding on bait that the stripers are working on. Big area so take along a pair of binoculars. 
    It can get windy there!
  10. WRB's post in Ranger RT188 Lights for Night Fishing was marked as the answer   
    Not familiar with aluminum Ranger to help much.
    1. Check the console fuse terminal block for spare circuits.
    2. The running light bow wire can be pulled with a 12 gage wire with the 16 gage wire.
    The fuse may need to be increase from 3 to 5 amps?
    Use the original wire to pull in the new wire. Leave the stern light wire alone.
    3. Now you have a wire to carry the lighting current and original running lights, plus it’s switched.
    Do have single or dual console boat? Single should have longer rod locker with the bow end open to pull in wires for that compartment, no drill need.
    Tackle storage locker mat also be open ended or a wood bulk head? 
    4. If you have a 12V DC accessory receptacle  on the console to plug in spot light etc, use that to power clamp black light etc.
    The LED deck lighting may need a professional to install cleanly.
  11. WRB's post in Dropshot vs. Ned vs. Shakyhead vs. Neko vs. Small Jigs on Steep, Rocky Banks was marked as the answer   
    The reason I ask was working uphill from shore limits choices, boat doesn’t.
    My experience with Spots is they prefer cinnamon Browns and watermelon color soft plastics with chartreuse or orange tipped tails.
    1/8 oz Drop Shot, size 1 mosquito hook, Jackall Flick Shake 4.8 worm watermelon candy with chartreuse tipped ends and camouflage with orange tipped ends, wacky rigged.
    Siebert 3/16oz or 1/4 oz finesse jig in similar colors and high lites with Iovino 2” craw in honeycomb.
  12. WRB's post in Winter bass fishing was marked as the answer   
    Hopkins Shorty chrome 3/4 oz and add Owner split rings on both ends and Owner Feathered treble hook size #2.
    P-line Laser spoon 3/4 oz in Blue chrome same mods as the Hopkins.
    Don’t over fish spoons in cold water. Cast out 30’ let pendulum down until it stops then lift the rod tip and lower back down keeping in touch with weight. Let let fall on controlled slack. Strikes usually happen on the fall when the line just stops moving.
    Lift the rod to hook set and keep the rod loading by reeling.
  13. WRB's post in Did You Know? was marked as the answer   
    The Daredevil IMP 2/5 oz chrome spoon w/ 3” white pork rind bass strip was a go to lure for Jason Lucas. Jay being my pen pal mentor I had to try out his suggested lures. The IMP spoon became my 1st structure spoon before I knew what a structure spoon was! Yes the hooks were not good in today’s standards but we sharpened all our hooks back in the day.
    Thank you sharing the history👍
  14. WRB's post in What Else Can I Say was marked as the answer   
    Chasing ghosts trying to catch big bass that don’t exist where fish is futile imo.
    If Your lake is producing the size bass you are after then it’s being at the right location at the right time using the right lure for the conditions.
    Big mistake is trying to force feed big bass lures they simply avoid where you fish.
    Don’t give up, if the bass is there you will find a way to catch her.
  15. WRB's post in Best Frogs? was marked as the answer   
    Creek bass; Spro Popping frog 50, 2” 1/4 oz.
  16. WRB's post in Baitfish bait colors was marked as the answer   
    Common fish bass eat regularly.
    Young of the year Carp, Catfish, Bass and Suckers.
    Green Sunfish and Crappie are preferred over spiny Bluegill.
    Crayfish/crawdads, frogs, pollywogs, large insect larve,mice, salamanders, leeches, worms.
    Minnows like creek hubs, shiners are generally silver belly with darker green backs.
    Young of the year Carp are golden amber color.
    Suckers are generally white belly darker gray or brown backs.
    Young catfish (mad cats) vary by species basically tan belly with darker backs.
    Sunfish and pumpkin seeds olive green w/ blue high lites.
    Crappie, Silver w/ green specs, darker green backs.
    Insect larve are generally olive green and brown.  
    Shad color lures are very similar to lots of young of the year prey fish bass feed on for over 6 months.
    Who knows what bass see when looking at lures other then it’s moving and must be food.
  17. WRB's post in Fenwick eagle vs hmg was marked as the answer   
    The Eagle model was Fenwicks store brand composite rods for Cabelas etc.
    HMG was the Fenwick model for standard grade  “graphite” material rods.
  18. WRB's post in Casting inconsistency from rod to rod was marked as the answer   
    Rods cast lures not reels. 
    Triumph MF has a lower modulus, less stiff, blank that is loading properly with your casting motion. Bottom line it’s easier to cast slower action rods.
    Slow down your casting motion and use heavier lures using the MHF rods and practice until your release point becomes a natural motion. Distance improves with practice.
    PS, are right or left eye dominate?
  19. WRB's post in Mepps was marked as the answer   
    Mepps Comet Mino (with the soft plastic minnow) can be good for bass. Inline spinners can and do twist line, one reason bass anglers avoid them. Good lure that catch nearly everything that swims.
  20. WRB's post in Jig reccomendation for strong hook (not for bass) was marked as the answer   
    Welcome to BR.
    Siebert Outdoors, site sponsor,  makes up custom jigs using Owner 5304XX , not sure his molds accommodate 5317 XXX hooks. 5/0 or 6/0 hooks with .062 forged wire are as strong as fresh water jig hook are made. Mustad 34185 jig hooks are black nickel salt water hook.
  21. WRB's post in Do Bass Usually Swallow Whole? was marked as the answer   
    Largemouth Bass engulf their prey whole. Smallmouth bass also swallow their prey whole but tend to bite and declaw crawdads before killing and swallowing it.
    When you feel a slight tick or weight change using soft plastics drop the rod tip to add a little controlled slack before hook setting. The problem is timing as bass don’t bite soft plastic worm in half, you are pulling the plastic and breaking it without hooking the bass. The tell tale indication is the worm pulled down the hook into a ball at the hook bend.
  22. WRB's post in Compact SV reel capable of punching was marked as the answer   
    Shimano SLK or Curado MGL 70 has aluminum frame that can handle braid for both punching and frogging at a reasonable price point.
  23. WRB's post in Braid to leader was marked as the answer   
    What big walking baits? Weight?
    15 lb Big Game is .015 dia Mono, spool the reel with that.
    Sunline Defier Armillo is small diameter smooth casting mono, 15 lb is .012 D, 17 lb is .013D.
  24. WRB's post in Tranx 200 on 806? was marked as the answer   
    14 lb mono .015D, typo not .025. 
    Sunline Defier Armillo 25# is .016D and 300 size reels hold 165 yd filler spool. Trans is a rock solid reel ideally suited for heavy lures like Swimbaits.If you like braid to leader That solves your line capacity issue.
  25. WRB's post in Bass Fishing for California smallmouth was marked as the answer   
    It’s a NorCal lake and at max pool level, few California lake are full of water the past few years.
    SoCal your best bet for 4 lb+ smallness is lake Arrowhead in San Bernardino mountains. Private lake so try to make friends with a resident.
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