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  1. WRB's post in Pedigo Spinrite was marked as the answer   
    Yep, used Spinrites in both weights plus Pedigo was my favorite pork rind trailer L3 & L4 until Uncle Josh bought the company and killed it.
    Little George tail spinner became the go to spinrites.
    I had a mold made with a sliding line design that incorporate a small vinyl skirt in both spinerite shape and tail spinner that work good, don’t have the mold anymore, still have a few lures.
  2. WRB's post in Best customer service I’ve ever received was marked as the answer   
    👍support your local tackle shop!
  3. WRB's post in Why do bass prefer isolated structure? was marked as the answer   
    Like lots of terms used by bass anglers isolated structure needs to be defined.
    The entire lake bottom is structure of some type. Man made structures like bridge and dock pilings could be called isolated structure or structure.
    My view point is an underwater island or hump is structure and a large boulder or rock pile located on the hump is isolated structure. There are hundreds of different types of isolated structure, could be a stump in lieu of a boulder for example.
    Cover is another term to define. So use the isolated rock pile or stump with a weed bed ( cover) growing on top. You can’t see the isolated structure but it’s there and so are the bass, that is the spot you want to target.
    Remember that green aquatic plants produce dissolved oxygen during day light and provide shade cooling the water temps comfortable for bass and other fish.
    The isolated structure provides the bass a place to hide and is home to prey, win, win, win for predators like bass.
  4. WRB's post in New to big bass fishing was marked as the answer   
    Welcome to BR.
    Everyones idea of what a big bass is varies a lot so let’s start with your goal, how big?
    There are a few seasonal period where big female bass are the most catchable; the pre spawn as the colder winter water warms into the low 50’s and the spawn when those big female bass move up onto beds. That time period is now where you live and fish.
    The next best time is summer nights.
    In smaller bodies of water the biggest bass seek out an area with abundant prey source and good sanctuary.
    Your job is to study your lakes and ponds to determine what is the preferred dominate prey source and locations where the bass can easily find them plus a safe place to rest nearby.
    Targeting big bass takes work nobody local has a panacea lure or secret place they will share with you.
    All we can do is suggest what is higher percentage lures and presentations.
  5. WRB's post in A Tough Little Zebco was marked as the answer   
    Excellent reel with good drag. My son caught a lot bass on his outfit because he could 2 hand cast with the balanced combo. He somehow managed to land a 26 lb channel cat with his light combo using a split shot rigged reaper!
  6. WRB's post in What is the best type of fish finder for a tiny boat that trolls slowly (1mph) was marked as the answer   
    Natural lake or man made impoundment?
    Natural lakes normally have more dermasel meaning shoreline vegetation bass that feed in creatures and fish that live near shore.
    Man made reservoirs have lots of off shore structure elements like road beds, bridges, culverts flood farms and fences etc that attract pelagic fish that bass feed on.
    My guess is you have a natural lake and need to focus near shore. Most of your bass fishing will be casting to visual targets obvious to you and every other bass angler.
    Keep in mind it takes power to run the more higher end sonar units.
    Lithium batteries are expensive buy save over 50% of the weight.
    2D with side scan is all you need.
  7. WRB's post in Southern Vs Northern Smallmouth Lures and Techniques was marked as the answer   
    Too early for both bass and crappie fishing at Big Bear lake imo, good trout fishing however.
    Big Bear’s micro climate is very cold and the remains cold until May when both Bass and Crappie are more active.
    The majority of Big Bears Smallmouth population lives in the western or dam end of the lake from Metcalf Bay west, deeper water areas.
    Drop or Slip Shot rigged Roboworm in purple tones or oxblood red flake and black hair jigs for Smallmouth or Largemouth and marabou crappie jigs fished around docks for crappie. From shore a Thill slip bobber set about 10’-12’ with 2 lb leader, size 16 gold treble hook with Power bait dough ball about 3/8 diameter ball for trout or trout spinners, spoons like Thomas Boyant in gold colors, 4 lbs line.
    Neighbor lake Arrowhead has good Smallmouth bass fishing, but a private lake.
    PS, Cachuma has a good Smallmouth and Crappie in February.
  8. WRB's post in Recessed trolling motor tray on my old 18 ft nitro? was marked as the answer   
    You don’t want the tray any shorter, need space for the control cables to exit.
  9. WRB's post in Sharpening your Ninja Blade? was marked as the answer   
  10. WRB's post in Bass fishing on Saguaro Lake near Phoenix in late February? was marked as the answer   
    Should in the spawn cycle.
  11. WRB's post in Reels for heavier applications was marked as the answer   
    Bantam is a small reel but strong enough. The line capacity may not be suffice for larger diameter line.
    If need to add force just clamp your thumb down on the spool.
  12. WRB's post in Open Hook was marked as the answer   
    Use a small rubber band under the hook barb and over the hook eye for a weed guard for a ball head.
    We used to squeeze the round ball head flat on 2 sides with a vice to make a aspirin head. Old School stuff that still works.
    Doll Fly, the original hair jig was a ball head.
  13. WRB's post in Reel seized up after being submerged was marked as the answer   
    1. Take the spool off and clean the inside.
    2. Lubricate the drive shaft with the spool off, use light reel oil. Try rotating the reel handle to feel if it turns and isolates the drive shaft easily.
    3. Remove the handle side side plate and drain any water. Put a dab of  reel grease on the gears and re assemble. Re install the spool and adjust the drag.
  14. WRB's post in Question for the Loomis guys was marked as the answer   
    Loomis higher end rods have a very different “action” bending % vs power rating. Generally JWR rods are fast using the upper 1/4th of the rod length flex and power rating average or similar to Dobyns. 2 = ML, 3= M and 4 = MH, 5 = H.
  15. WRB's post in None of my lures attract fish, Bass in particular, what am I doing wrong? was marked as the answer   
    Not familiar with your portable fish finder with cast-able transducer. It maybe you are looking a factory demo display showing fish icons that don’t exist. Any unit that displays icons for target in lieu actual returns is fraught with errors.
    Anything in the water like air bubbles, debris, any type of fish with a airbladder shows up as a fish icon.
    Try using live large Canadian night crawler worm weightless nose hooked with a size 1 drop shot style hook. If a bass is nearby it will eat the worm. Second choice is a 5” Senko #301 wacky rigged weightless, like the night crawler bass eat Senko’s. Just cast out by your transducer and watch line for movement that indicates a bass has your lure.
  16. WRB's post in Happy Birthday WRB was marked as the answer   
    80 years Young, thank you for rememberIng?
  17. WRB's post in Surf fishing equipment questions was marked as the answer   
    The rod length comes into play keeping line off the surf breakers. Basically you need a surf rod holder that extends the rod length about 3’ after sticky the holder into the sand when bait fishing.
    Most surf rod are 2 or 3 pice, op for a longer rod that is lighter in weight. Ugly Sticks are heavy! Casting lures is whole different conversation.
  18. WRB's post in Chipped Carbide Guide Replacement? was marked as the answer   
    Tip guides are easy to replace you need the same size barrel ID.  Look at utube for detailed instructions. Also you can take the rod to nearly any decent tackle shop.
    Yes, the entire tip guide is replaced, not chipped ring.
  19. WRB's post in Does water temperature vary bait choice? was marked as the answer   
    The warmer the water temperature is the higher the need for bass to eat, metabolism increases. The opposite is true the colder the water temps reduces need to eat.
    How to apply this to bass fish can only be a general statement because bass tend to do what want in lieu what I want them to do.
    The one thing that seems to hold true is offer something that looks like the predominate prey source at the moment.
     If the bass are targeting 8” rainbow trout in cold water use a trout swimbait. 3” Shad in mid summer use a shad imitator lure. If that doesn’t work keep fishing until something works.
  20. WRB's post in Want to stock small pond with large mouth was marked as the answer   
    Looking at the positive the pond has 4 bass and 1 of the 4 is the opposite sex a spawn may occur successfully.
    Put aeration fountain in the existing pond before the hot weather returns.
  21. WRB's post in Looking for a new spinning rod (Halo KSII Elite?) was marked as the answer   
    St Croix Victory series is very light weight available in Canada.
  22. WRB's post in Baitcaster noise when casting? was marked as the answer   
    Suggest contacting Dan Isaac @ ReelEx. Dan is a expert on Shimano reels and will completely super tune the Reel for about $35. Dan is located in NorCal.
  23. WRB's post in Swimbait Rod Grips was marked as the answer   
    Cork is usually 1” disk segments glued together on the rod blank then shaped and sanded.
  24. WRB's post in Max Temp for Successful Spawn??? was marked as the answer   
    Water temps at the depth the bass are located. Not surface temps or air temps. Above 75 degrees the swarm of blurgills and carp can overwhelm the nest eating eggs and fry so survival rates drop significantly.
  25. WRB's post in Which Glide Bait. was marked as the answer   
    Matt Lures Hard Gil, Talopia $85
    PS, contact Matt and ask if he would paint the back a little greener. Medium sink.
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