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Found 3 results

  1. Am looking to purchase just about anything out there in the 5” and 7” Gator Tail. If you presently have these and are willing to part with them let’s talk.
  2. I usually make 2 or 3 bank trips to a smaller lake near my house during the week. For the past 4 trips I've been throwing a beetlespin. These used to be a favorite of mine years ago, but I hadn't fished one in several years. Thanks to a thread we had this spring about spinnerbaits, I got fired up about the old beetlespin, and bought several packs from the local Wal Mart. 82 cents for 2 pack, 2 bodies, 1 jig, and one spinner harness. Through trial and error, I've found the hotspot- just above the weeds, which grow about 3ft from the surface. As long as I can count it down to that depth, and fish it back with a slow steady retrieve, something will hit this bait. So far it's been a mixed bag, bass, bream, and crappie. The 1/4 oz brings more hits from bass, the 1/8 oz more from panfish- with a smaller bass here and there. Best colors have been white/ red dot, orange, and blk/ yellow stripe. This is such a simple, effective lure I don't know why I ever stopped using it. Now, I'm.carrying some Beetlespins on bank and boat trips every time. A great all around fish catcher for sure. Also, I have to say I like this bait for another reason: It was first marketed and sold by fellow Missourian Virgil Ward, one of my early fishing heroes. Anyone else using a Beetle spin this summer?
  3. When Larry Nixon won the 1983 Classic on the Ohio river with a blk/ blue Ditto Gator tail worm, myself, and many other anglers took notice. This win was followed up by Rick Clunn in 1984 on the Arkansas River, who used a gator tail along with crankbaits, and George Cochran on the Ohio river in 1987. All Classic wins in part due to the Ditto Gator tail worm. This worm was first produced by Bobby Ditto in 1980. The company was sold to Peter Allen in the 1990s and was out of business by 2003. For several years the gator tail, along with a straight tail worm, usually a Creme Scoundrell, we're the only two worms I carried. The 5.5 inch baby Gator Tail was my all time favorite. I always felt like it was unique among worm designs. Not a round body like most worms, but a different body shape, with the large tail that gave it great action. It caught fish for me in ponds, strip pits, and on large lakes all the same. The Zoom G tail is about as close as I can get these days. I also understand that pro angler Terry Scroggins has bought the original molds and pours this worm himself, giving them out at tournament events. I'm sure there are many other fans of the Ditto Gator Tail. Do you still fish them, or their imitations? I leaned towards dark colors. Blk/blue and grape were especially good. In my humble opinion, one of the all time best of the plastic worms. Thoughts, opinions, or stories? Who remembers or fished the Ditto Gator Tail?
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