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  1. Good condition Dobyns 765 Flip Bought in the middle of last summer, more rod then needed. Good flipping rod, handles 1oz weights fine. $175
  2. My first experience with baitcasting and with the Carudo DC reel. This post will probably be amusing to bait casting veterans but possibly helpful to people thinking of giving it a go for the first time. The only fishing I've ever done is with a spinning reel. And I've been using them for awhile. Recently I decided to try bait casting. The only casting reel I've ever had was a 1950ish model at a time when if you wanted one you could use any brand as long as it was Shakespeare. It still hangs in my garage on a solid nylon rod and I last used it when I was about ten years old. I'm 64 now. I recently got a sweet deal on a Dobyns 735cb glass and decided to pick up a Carudo DC. Why? I looked online and everyone loves whatever brand reel their using so I guess they're all good. I had to make an educated choice and went with the Curado. I've never cast one of these reels. I figured the DC ones might let me ease into it more easily. Today the reel finally came in the mail. I set it up on the rod with 14# monofilament line. I read that it will be more forgiving to learn with. Later on I can change it out if I want to. As you can see in the picture I'm casting a medium sized Strike King shallow water crank bait to try this out. I cast off the pier at my home on Mousam Lake in Southern Maine. Initial casting tries I set the dial to 4. This is the one that keeps the most control over the cast. You can't cast too far but the chance of a nest is the least. I cast sidearm first. At the end of the cast I had a fuzzball. After working it out I did this a few more times and still the same result. I had adjusted the tension knob so that there was no side to side play in the spool as I had seen. At this point, after a few dozen casts, I became a manual bait caster using my thumb to brake and stop the spool upon hitting the water to avoid a tangle. Great... I had no nests and I learned to bait cast. The thing is what about this DC thing? I could have bought a standard reel for a lot less and used it like I will this one. Something was wrong. It's as if the dc thing wasn't working. Adjustments I decided to adjust the tension knob tighter. I did the drop test. I adjusted it so that the lure would slowly drop to the ground when it was released. I cast.... Better but still a moderate nest. After trying this a bit I adjusted it so the lure dropped more slowly. I cast; no nest. I cast several more times without my thumb. No nests at all. It's funny how I had trained myself to use my thumb in about a half hour and now I had to concentrate not to use it to see what would happen. These casts on the setting of 4 were about 50 ft. Going out on a limb I moved the setting to 3. A bit more chance of nesting here. Several casts and no nest. The lure was casting a bit further though. I moved the dial to 2. Casting revealed a substantially longer cast and still no nesting. After several casts at each of these settings with success I decided to try the lightest setting of 1. I checked the tension knob adjustment again just to make sure as I expected a nest. I kept my thumb ready and kept my eye on the reel as I cast. d**n. no nest at all. I tried a more aggressive cast overhead. No nest at all at the end. The only thing I noticed is a little loosening (fuzzing) half way into the cast but it quickly settled down. Pushing my luck I was casting about 125 feet. I know this because I know the distance between docks along the shore where I live. They are 50 feet apart. I thought that I would try releasing the tension knob a bit more to see if I could cast on the setting of 1 without nesting. My lure dropped faster when released. I cast and at the end of the cast it nested. Just about an 1/8" turn of the knob was all that was needed. I did try the looser setting using my thumb to control the cast and it worked good and got a longer cast but I put it back to the 'safe' location. After casting on a setting of 1 with the tension knob adjusted properly I did about an hour of casting with no flare ups at all and without using my thumb at all. I'm not getting 200 ft but I am doing about double the distance of my spinning outfit. Observations I came away from the water thinking that I really liked this thing. I can cast further and it's working well. With a little more use I will probably increase my distance. My fishing time is usually about 5-6 am. If I go in the morning and I get a fish I'll be able check out the feel of the rod too. I will want to work on shorter accuracy casts too. At least I shouldn't have to worry too much about the backlash if I do. Just concentrate on the cast. One thing I've noticed about this setup. The entire thing feels really different from my spinning outfit. A spinning rig with the reel hanging down has some heft to it with a center of gravity at the reel that you notice. My spinning outfit is a Shimano reel on a Dobyns 705 graphite. The casting outfit feels much lighter, even though it's glass, with no pivot point at the reel like a spinning reel has. Not a bad feeling just very different between the two. Also, I have the 7.4.1 gear ratio. I needed to crank in much slower than my spinning reel for the crankbait to have that just right tick-tick feeling on the rod tip while retrieving. I got the 7.4.1 because everyone seems to say that if you will have only one then that is a good middle of the road gear speed to have. So, that's my first dc bait casting (or any bait casting for that matter) experience. It took place in a period of two hours just a few hours ago. Maybe a fish on it in the morning... would be nice.
  3. I’m having issues deciding between a Bantam and a Chronarch and I’ve watched a bunch of videos and read reviews and all that jazz, but I can’t conceptualize the size of them. Basically every video I’ve seen will only compare other MGL reels or older models (which is valid). I think that the Cronarch is a tad smaller and lighter so I’ve been leaning towards that but I would rather have an aluminum frame, so if someone could let me know about the sizes in comparison to the Curado 200K I would be very appreciative 👍 Btw the plan of usage is for finesse powerfishing (usually smaller bladed jigs) with a 6’10” M/F Curado Rod
  4. Hello guys! Please I need your help. I need to make a new set of carbontex drag washers for my shimano curado K 201 HG (same size as curado 301e). Do anybody knows the right size of the washers (metric system), please? Thank you so much!
  5. I just bought a Shimano Bantam Coriolis co-100 from eBay and I cannot find the right owners manual online. There is a lever next to the spool tension knob and I have no idea what it does. The only marking says "F" and I wanted to know if anyone here knows what it does. image of what I'm referring to: https://postimg.cc/jn5TBx9q
  6. I have had my DC reel for about 5 months now and I have it on an ALX Solo Deputy with 17lb fluoro. I does it job very well but I just think its on the heavy side especially when I switch to my Tatula CT Type R or Zillion. I want something that performs like that but lighter. Maybe its the rod that is making it feel heavy. Any thoughts would help, thanks.
  7. Hello peeps, I just bought a new jerkbait rod and settled on a Dobyns kayden 610-4cb the struggle now is I need a reel, I was torn between A curado k and a 13 fishing concept a2. However, I found a curado dc for 200$. Does anyone own a dc, for me longevity is important and the dc seems like it would take away some of the durability. i have owned some older curados and loved them but the concept a2 looks sweet as well and I’m thinking about it for a jig rod reel with that 25lbs of drag. However I have heard the curado k feels more powerful bc of the gears. Does anyone own these reels if so do you prefer the dc or the k for lighter baits, have you had any issues with reliability on the dc, and what are the thoughts on the concept a2 ?
  8. I recently received this Shimano BGX 2200 SG reel. It is a great reel to cast. I really enjoy the ability to back reel like some of my spinning reels. I would like to know its approximate age and gear ratio.
  9. 6 10 ML Excellent condition. 225$ shipped, text 2767335848 for pics or info
  10. Does anyone know if the Curado 150 MGL spool will fit/work in the Curado MGL 70?
  11. Currently have a 7’3” Tatula MH with a Fuego CT w 30# PP ssv2. Although a great reel for the price, I’m looking to upgrade the fuego and hopefully gain on a couple key things: 1. Casting distance (fishing clear water) 2. Casting light rigs (down to 1/4oz rigs) Budget is flexible, mainly looking to match with the Tatula and not overprice a reel on a reasonably priced rod (can’t see going more expensive than a metanium) So far I’ve narrowed it down to the following but am also open to suggestions: 1. 2020 metanium MGL 2. Bantam MGL 3. 2021 Zillion SV TW what would you pick? I don’t have experience with higher end reel OR shimano.
  12. Soooo I’m trying to find a rod to pair with my Chronarch MGL 7:6:1 reel. I remember fishing an Expride and liking it a lot. So how do the Exprides stack up versus competetors in their range? I typically like Daiwa Cronos or Tatula Elite rods. That’s my comparison. My high end rod is a Tatula Elite AGS Ehler and man it’s senititve. Rod would be for walking bait and ploppers.
  13. I posted the photo below last night whenever I received my new Chronarch MGL's and I got lots of comments and PM's asking about these reels. Being that these were just released and there not being much information out there on them yet, I suppose it's only natural for people to have questions and to be curious about things. I have yet to fish, let alone even cast, these reels, but I figured I would give my first impressions after simply unboxing the reels and playing around with them. Size: The Chronarch MGL is listed as a 150 size spool, the same as its predecessor, the Chronarch ci4. The overall size/shape/feel seems pretty similar to the ci4. In fact, both reels are rated to hold 110 yds of 12lb. test, and 90 yds of 14lb. test. Although they have the same line capacity, the spools are totally different. The MGL uses the new MGL spool, which features porting not only on the bottom of the spool, but along the sidewalls as well. Overall, the new spool is lighter and is supposed to help add a little distance to your casts. To me, I don't mind the overall shape/size being similar to the old ci4, because I really enjoyed the size of that reel in my hand. For comparison, the Curado 70 only holds 85 yds of 12lb. test, and the Curado 200 only holds about 125 yds of 12lb. test. The new Metanium MGL 150 is the same spool and capacity as the Chronarch MGL. Feel: This new version of the MGL perfectly fills the void between the Curado and the Metanium. The Curado is certainly one of the best on the market in it's price range, and the Metanium MGL is arguably one of the best reels in the entire industry. So filling the void between those two reels is exactly what the Chronarch is intended to do, and I think it does that perfect. It ceratinly feels much more refined than the Curado, but it's still not quite as smooth as the Metanium. The micro-module gearing is probably what helps smooth this reel out over the Curado. One of the things I was really happy about with the new MGL was the extended factory handles. In the past, Shimano has loved using those small 84mm handles that I always had to swap out with a longer handle. The new Chronarch MGL now comes stock with a 90mm handle, which seems to be the way the industry is going because the fishermen are demanding it. The weight of this reel is 6.5oz. which is pretty light considering the reel is aluminum framed and not composite. Overall: The Chronarch MGL features a lot of the common features that we've became common with on the past few different Shimano reels. The side plate pops open with a release catch on the bottom side, which gives you quick and easy access to the brake shoes. On the outside of the side plate is the adjustment knob that adjust from 1-6 to allow fine tuning to changing conditions whenever you're on the water. The cast control knob is on the handle side and is easy to adjust. The reel is gunmetal grey with black accents. If you hold the body up to the light, you'll see some fine red flakes to it, which give it a really nice look overall. As far as ratio's are concerned, these reels are offered in the three big ratios 6:1, 7:1, and 8:1, and all of those ratios are available in both left and right hand. So far, I'm impressed with the reel. It's lived up to my standards of what I expect from Shimano and the Chronarch name. A few of you noticed I dumped my old ci4's and bought these, and so far, I have no regrets. If you want something a step above the Curado, but can't swing the Metanium price tag, this reel should be perfect for you. The Chronarch is known as a good all around workhorse, and this reel is continuing that tradition. Edit: Actual Testing on the Water Before I begin, let me explain what I dealt with on Saturday here in western PA whenever I tested these reels. It was 55* and raining first thing in the morning, by noon whenever the rain stopped, it was 39* and the wind was blowing 20+ mph constantly. I spooled both reels up in the morning and headed out after lunch once the rain stopped. I fished a local pond about 5 acres in size from the bank. The water was the color of chocolate milk and was probably in the low 40's in temperature. 151HG: I spooled this reel up with the new P-Line Tactical fluorocarbon in 15lb. test and I mounted it onto a St. Croix LTB 7'1" Med. - fast action rod. I tied on a 1/4oz. finesse jig with a matching craw trailer. I pitched and casted this bait and had no issues at all. I didn't adjust any of the internal brakes and I turned my external brake dial to 3. I didn't catch any fish on this setup. 151: I spooled this reel up with Sunline Defier mono is 13lb test and I mounted it onto a St. Croix Avid 7' Med - fast action rod. I threw a mix of a Mann's baby 1- (1/4oz), #08 Rapala Husky Jerk (1/4oz), a 1/4oz. Rat-L-Trap, and a 3.8" Keitech SIF with a 1/4oz jig head. So overall, some pretty light stuff. Again, I didn't adjust any of the internal brakes and I turned my external brake dial to around 3-3.5. This setup casted all of these lures perfectly fine other than the #08 Husky Jerk. The Husky Jerk was too light and caught too much of the gusting winds and I had some backlash problems whenever casting into the wind, or across the wind. Had it not been so cold and windy, I probably would have opened the reel up and adjusted the internal brakes to accommodate this lure, but instead I just changed baits. I ended up catching two fish on this setup, both around 12-13". One on the baby 1- and the other on the Keitech swimbait. Granted these fish weren't huge, but the reel remained smooth under load and I had no problems getting both of them in. Overview: Overall I was impressed with these reels, as I am with most of Shimano's higher end offerings. Pitching and casting was effortless. Distance was great. Handling was great. The new 90mm handles are much appreciated and comfortable. The overall size is comfortable to palm and the weight on these rods made for a nice, light setup that was well balanced. My only complaint that I have is in regards to the external brake dial. On both of my MGL's the dial is very tight and difficult to turn. The dials on my Curado's, Metaniums, and old ci4's were very easy to turn with just the touch of the finger. These new one's seem to need me to dig in a fingernail to adjust them or to press much firmer with my finger to turn them. I don't know if these will just need some break in time, or if Shimano changed these up because people were complaining of adjusting them accidentally??? This isn't a huge deal breaker for me because I usually find my Shimano's need a range of 2-4 on this dial anyways, so I'm never really changing them too much.
  14. The antireverse on my Shimano FX spinning reel doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter how I toggle the AR switch, it doesn’t stop me from backreeling. I tried taking it apart, cleaning it, and putting it back together but it still doesn’t do anything. I made sure that there is absolutely no oil or anything in it, it just will not catch on anything
  15. I'm looking to upgrade my spinning gear and have a few models narrowed down, looking for some user feedback or comparisons. I'm looking to buy a 7' +/- M and 7'+/- ML I'd like to stay with the same make and series to avoid having two set ups labeled different but feel the same. As I am in Canada the pricing on rods is quite a bit more and the availability isn't as good. Based on availability I am planning on going with Daiwa Fuego 2500 LT reels they seem to be the best quality for money I can find and can get them locally, if I want to spend a little more I could go to the Shimano Nasci's. The rod's that I'm torn between are: - Daiwa Tatula - St. Croix Mojo - Shimano Intenza (Slightly above what I'd like to spend) I've done some research and they all seem like good rods, however I haven't found much comparing these to each other. If I've missed any others feel free to include them. I'm planning on expanding my casting gear later this year/next year as well. I don't care if my rods are matching but this would most likely be the makes and series I would be looking into as well so experience with these is welcomed too.
  16. Hello everyone! New to the forum as a member, but been a lurker for a little while now. I am currently wanting to get some advice on what my next purchase should be. I own the Dobyn's Xtasy DRX 742SF and love it! Not one complaint about it, but I am now wanting a casting setup. I am going to be picking up another high end rod for bottom contact, and it will be paired with a Shimano Metanium DC. I am going to use it for 1/2oz to 3/4oz jigs + trailer, smaller swimbaits, T-rigs, etc. Occasionally I'll even throw the Z-Man Giant TRD with their Mag Shroomz Head that will weigh around 1oz. Jigs are definitely the main purpose, though. I am considering getting another Xtasy, the DRX 755C, or venture out and try the NRX 894C. I know the 894C is rated up to 3/4oz, but I'm discouraged to move up to the 895C, because I hear how tip heavy it is. I have also heard the 894C can handle up to 1oz lures fairly well. A Dobyn's Champion Extreme DX 744C split grip is also on the board, but I am really focusing on the Xtasy or NRX. What are the opinions out there? Has anyone tried either, or both of these specific models? If you were in my boat (pun intended), what would you do? Thanks everyone!
  17. For sale are two Curado K 200 reels. Both are lightly used and have been sitting in my fishing cabinet. 200XG 8.5:1 SOLD 200HG 7.4:1 SOLD TYD $130 each or $240 for the pair. Paypal friends and family only. Original box for the XG, HG will have a box, just not original. Message me for more pics. Thanks
  18. Hey guys. So, I've read a lot about the Expride models, and finally ordered one. As you know, they're tough to find in stock, but managed to get a 6'10 ML on tacklewarehouse. I planned on using this rod for light dropshotting and ned rigs, but have came across info suggesting this model is pretty much dropshot specific. It's listed as a fast action rod but heard it's more of a moderate. I've heard guys say they've used the 7' Light+ . Curious if anyone has opinions on using the 6'10 ML with 1/20 - 1/10 oz neds? Thanks! P.S. First post here. Thankful for everyone's input and the info shared on this site. Also figured I should mention I'll be pairing it with a Stratic FL 2500 with 10 lb braid to 6-8 lb fluoro Also figured I should mention I'll be pairing it with a Stradic FL 2500 with 10 lb braid to 6-8 lb fluoro
  19. Daiwa or Shimano both old companies Daiwa started in 1958 and Shimano started in 1921, both changed the fishing industry and build off one another. My question is which makes better reels? or are there companies that are making better reels? Are Lew's and Abu reels comparable to Shimano and Daiwa? What are yalls opinions?
  20. I am fortunate to have come across a very rare Shimano reel and I've had it for almost a year. Excellent condition. This is a Shimano Bantam Beastmaster BBM-VR. This apparently was Shimano's Top of the line reel during the 80s. Two speeds, 6:1 and 4:1. Notoriously, they had some issues changing smoothly between gear ratios. messing with the handle enough gets you aligned and geared up. If you'd want to make this fishable, I would suggest replacing some silicone parts that deteriorate over time. $150 shipped, open to offers and trades.
  21. does anyone know if the shimano slx dc will work in salt water
  22. Hey everyone. I am wondering what model NRX I should buy for Keitech Tungsten football finesse jigs. I had a shimano poison adrena 7’3 MH Fast and loved it, I am wondering if anyone could recommend which NRX model would be similar to the action of that rod? Thanks in advance.
  23. im looking for a good casting reel that a can use for inshore salt water. i was looking at the tranx 200and the curado k. if anyone has any suggestions they would be very much appreciated. also does anyone know if the tatula 200 or tatula elite are saltwater capable
  24. I have been looking for this reel for some time, I have some other Shimano I’ll be willing to trade or I have my PayPal ready. Text me if you have one for sale. A Shimano core 100mgfv my number is (925) 202-7336
  25. 1) I have a chance to get this exact Aldebaran Mg7 for $245 shipped to my door. And while it's not really "new in box" anymore, since pictures needed to be taken, it's pretty much brand new. I see some floating on ebay in "used" condition, pretty beat up with or without boxes for roughly $140-200 plus shipping, which is usually $20 on top of said price. Is $245 a fair price for it? Would you pay this much for one if you were looking for one? 2) I'm deciding on what rod to pair it with, right now I'm leaning towards G.Loomis, but the question is, which series? IMX-PRO / GLX / NRX, not sure if I should just bite the bullet and get the top dog. What are some differences between these rods for those that own them? I am a huge fan of the lifetime warranty, hence the reason why I'm leaning this way. Dobyns is also looking really good with their prices and warranty, but have heard mixed reviews for the most part, seems like a love or hate thing with them.
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