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Found 1 result

  1. My own PB fish was a LM near 8lbs, caught years ago. I caught this one on a Mann's Jelly Worm, 6" solid black. Once hooked, this fish half rolled on the surface, then came in pretty easily. When I got her near the boat, I was amazed at the size of this fish. I expected a smaller bass. Since then, hooking fish of all sizes, Ive had 3 or 4lb fish fight much harder, tearing up the surface, jumping, and pulling hard. Everything I've read and heard over the years points to the smallmouth bass as being the harder fighting fish. One writer called the small mouth bass " pound for pound, one of the hardest fighting fish that swims". But, we never know what a fish will do, untill he's hooked, and the fight begins. Each one is different. For those that fish for both smallmouth and largemouth do you think this is correct? Is the smallmouth bass the harder fighting fish? The late Billy Westmoreland called the smallmouth"those bodacious brown bass", and said that the smallmouth was always hell bent on a good fight. Whats your opinion here? Is the smallmouth the harder fighting fish?
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