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  1. I married an Italian girl a little over 40 yrs ago. When we started dating, it was always dinner at her folks house every Sunday. Her mother was a great cook, and always made some delicious recipes. This was my first introduction to " real" Italian food. There are two family's in Kansas City that make Italian sausage. The Scimeca family, and the Begulia family. Both are great, and it's hard for me to pick a favourite. Luckily, my wife learned to cook Italian food from her mother. Many recipes were handed down through generations. My own favourite is Lasagna, but I like most Italian food I've tried over the years. I've heard people say , " it's all about the sauce". This is true. Anybody can boil some pasta, but getting that perfect blend of spices to make a good sauce is a culinary art. And I'll add, the next time your cooking on the grill, try some good Italian sausage. Cook it slowly, and serve it on a hoagie bun, with some mozzarella cheese and some grilled onions and peppers. It's super good. Do you like Italian food? What's your favourite?
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