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Is this is Male or Female? I Caught it up really shallow on sunday at the pond by my house, it was up so shallow it was by the spawning koi in the pond on a flat thats so shallow I usually never fish it because of how shallow it is. The bite just kind of felt like I Snagged something????



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Well, if you caught HIM its a male but if you caught HER its female.

Hope this helps...

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By looking at the bass in your hand.

As a general rule the vent or scaleless urogenital opening in a male largemouth bass tends to be more circular in appearance while the opening in a female largemouth tends to be more elliptical. Having said this, however, I should hasten to note that few biologists or fisheries managers rely on this method of determining the sex of a fish, because even to the well trained eye it results too often in mis-identification.

Instead, at least during the spawning season, a much more reliable method of determining the sex of mature fish is to gently push on the fish's belly, back toward the tail. When you do this properly, you will often see a white milky substance (milt) flow from a male bass while a few eggs will be evident from a female fish.

Beyond this very seasonal method, however, it is extremely difficult to distinguish between male and female largemouth bass. The only possible exception is when you catch a particularly large fish. As a general rule, largemouth bass bigger than eight or nine pounds are nearly always females.

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