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Hot And Humid Baits?

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This is my first season fishing, and I'm having a hard time with FLs hot and humid weather. It's currently 86 degrees out and 60% humidity. What are some good baits and techniques to use when it's this hot out? It's only April and getting hotter by the day

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Humidity does not have anything to do with effecting the fish bite, but the heat will elevate the water temperature which will start to slow them down and drive them deeper as it gets warmer. I would check out the articles section of this site, and also check out the"pinned" senko section at the top of this forum. Lot of good information that should help you. Also, if you have never tried top water......go get some Stanley Ribbits and buzz them across the surface close to the shore in morning or evening (sometimes works in the middle of the day). ;) Nice fish pic by the way for your first season of fishing. Tight lines...

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I think humidity plays alot into fishing here in Fl. but not on the fishes end, on ours. It kicks your butt. Saps all your energy. Fl. strain bass are according to academics, more finicky to boot. So as since we havent really had our version of a winter this year Ive stuck to summer tactics with finesse baits. Finesse worms, small Rapalas. Its done ok but with the drought water levels have fallen several feet and the water I fish are a max of 6ft even when waters up. They have been laying offshore with the absence of shoreline cover.

I avoid frog baits. In my area golf courses and "Round-Up" have made frogs extinct. Bass here wouldnt recognize one!

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