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I am looking for one person who would like to join the BassResource.com team, right along the ranks of the moderators. This is not a new moderator position, however. This has to do with the rest of the site. Namely, the protection of copyrighted material.

Since its ***, BassResource.com has vigorously defended its copyrights. The Internet makes it all too easy for somebody to copy and paste an article, in its entirety or in part, and then republish it on their website, often claiming the content as their own. This is nothing new - it's been happening since the site launched. Over the years, we have filed thousands of complaints, and won them all - sometimes resulting in the elimination of the offending sites. Several hundred have been shut down over the years as a result.

I take copyright infringement seriously. Those that steal from my site, pay the consequences.

That said, a disturbing trend has surfaced on the Internet that involves splogs, scrapers, feeds and other technologically advanced tools that are doing this automatically at an alarming rate. Although we already have a small team pursuing the offenders, it's like whack-a-mole. The moment one is removed, two more pop up. Suffice to say, we cannot keep up with the volume of copyright violations. We need help.

So I'm looking for a few volunteers who have the following qualifications:

  • Very technically adept - experience with advanced search techniques and search operators is a must. Knowledge/use of RSS feeds, Google alerts, etc. a plus.
  • Willingness/ability to work on this daily.
  • This is a long-term commitment. Only qualified individuals who wish to do this over the long haul will be considered.
  • A passion for this site is a must.
  • Knowledge of electronic copyright/trademark laws a plus, but not mandatory
  • Must have the time available to commit to this task (approx. 10 - 15 hrs per month)

We will provide you with the means/tools to seek out copyright infringement and the offenders behind them - especially those that try to hide their identity (they can't hide). You will also be given the means to shut down the sites, remove them from all the major search engines, and remove them from Google AdSense, Yahoo's Publisher Network, Microsoft Publisher Network, Commission Junction, AdBrite, etc. We will provide guidance, tools, and training every step of the way.

If you like to bust the bad guys, this can be a very rewarding and fun experience - PROVIDED you understand that occasionally you WILL encounter the defiant, abusive person who believes they have a right to steal your content (because they believe everything on the Internet is free for the taking). They don't believe copyright laws apply to them. These are the ones that are fun to shut down. :)

PM me if you're interested in becoming a proud member of the elite BassResource.com crew and help the site grow for years to come!



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