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Confused On What Use

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I started fishing this pond with murkier water than I am used to and the only thing I've had just minor success with is a torpedo on the surface in the late evening. I've tried jigs, worms, and spinnerbaits and have had very minor success. I'm not sure how deep the pond is but I've talked to a guy that caught a 6-7 pounder in there. There are a couple trees I can see from shore but that's it as far as I know. What would you throw in this situation?

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You are confused? How about the bass???

In dirty water you need to do some things to help the bass locate your baits.

1. Noise and Vibration. Add a rattle to your plastics. Make sure your jigs have rattles. Use Colorado blades on spinnerbaits (one blade models). Make sure your crankbaits rattle. Try a white or white/yellow or dark skirt Chatterbait. Hit 'em with a buzzbait. Use a popper for topwater fishing, too.

2. Sight - Add some yellow or lime JJs Magic or Spike-It to your lures. Dip the tails of all plastics into the dip. Make sure crankbaits have some yellow or orange on them. Consider fishing darker baits, such as black grape, black, Junebug and Firetiger. The rule I was taught is that for every one foot you can see into the water the bass can see three feet. And sight is their #1 method to feed.

3. Scent - Can't hurt. Put scent on everything.

4. Size - Sometimes you have to scale down and sometimes you have to scale up. The bass will let you know what they want on that day.

5. Fish - Fish - Fish - Walk around the pond and throw different baits all over the place. Use the "fan" method, starting parallel to the shore to your left, then casting every 5 or 10 feet until you are fishing parallel to the shore to your right. Then go back. Do this three or four times every place you stop and do it with a series of baits.

6. If you want to check out the pond's bottom, purchase some one ounce Tungston weights and do some Carolina fishing. Keep your fingers on the line so you can feel what the weight is passing over and through. Make notes. Map your pond. Keep a fishing record. You can just throw out the Tungston weight and drag it back if you do not want to add a hook/bait to it. Feel for drop offs, grass, rocks, stumps, brushpiles and anything else you can feel.

7. Fish for Baitfish - Have you fished for bluegills, bream, pumpkinseeds, catfish, redbreast sunfish, white perch, etc.? Get some Nightcrawlers or some canned corn and try to catch baitfish to see what they are. You will then know what the bass are eating and you can adjust your baits and colors to match the forage.

8. Crawfish! - I doubt you will see any crawfish but there could be some in the pond.

Dirty or heavy stained water can be a friend or foe. Remember the bass are seeking clear water with lots of oxygen along with an escape route to deeper water. If there are baitfish in the pond it makes their holding pattern stronger.

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One last item I just remembered.

The pond will be deepest by its dam side.

Find the dam side and fish deeper with a drop shot, shaky head or wacky Senko.

If the water temperature is warm the bass may be deep seeking cooler water with more oxygen and they will stay there all day with the exception of feeding early or late along the shoreline.

Just one more thing to consider. Good luck.

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