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Bps Johnny Morris 2 And Carrot Stick Black Wild Review

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Ok so I am at BPS with the Wife for Fathers day and I am just browsing and see the Morris2 baitcast reel on sale. I was not really looking for one but I thought it would be ok for a frog setup why not 139.99 was pretty cheap compared to what I have bought recent. Well the Wife approves this with well thats on sale and its cheap she is used to seeing Shimano Cores in on the credit card bill. So now I have a reel no rod so I start looking and see the Carrot Black and feeling it when the Sales associate says its on sale and we have sold a slew of them and no problems of yet. So I reluctantly ask the Wife and she says ok its fathers day why not its on sale 150.99. So out to the lake with my new stuff stringed with 50lb Power Pro Ultra Slick I set the breaks and tie on a Luck Craft sammy 100 fish it for about 1hr Only one keeper at about 2LB. After a couple hours I started trying lighter stuff and man this reel can handle all of it I was throwing weightless sekos 1/4oz drop shot all with ease and no problems. Caught a 3lb on the drop shot the rod felt amazing 7ft Mh Plenty of back bone fast tip great action love this rod I got snaged On some timber and yanked it pretty hard. Power lifted the 3Lb in the boat rod stayed together. The reel is no core but is a really good buy my only complaint is it is a little heay of a reel but not bad I am just used to the Shimano Cores. I believe this setup would be great for somebuddy that is budget minded it is a good buy. The rod is super light and supppppper sensitive you can feel everything I will be sure to buy more of these once it proves its durable. The Power Pro Super Slick did great after a few cast it really comes alive I do believe it is rounder than the regular Power Pro But I am not sure if its worth the added cost. I hope this was not to long and it helps somebody along the way.

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