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Bobby Uhrig

Another Boring Megastrike Pre Spawn Video

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MegaBugs are great for pre spawn fishing They are big -bulky -displace a lot of water and can be fished slow in colder water. Water was muddy that day from spring run off.


If you havent tried these baits-Gotta give it a shot.. Dont forget the gooo


Believe me I have had 6- 21 ft bass rigs  rigs- I target the shoreline and small boat anglers because thats the majority of our audiance


Anyone can do this -well not Fluke-



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I can chime in on the video editing and inclusion of music.   There are several reasons.......


1. An open mic on a video recording device captures everything - that means wind, boat creaks, rods smacking the hull, foul language, boat movements, wave action, etc.....Unfortunately, the recording level necessary to capture voices requires turning up the volume on your listening source, and when the wind or other noise kicks in it spikes and makes the viewing experience less enjoyable.  Perfect example - listen to Bobby at the 12:23 mark forward.  You can't hear him because of the wind.

2. Second, adding in a music track enables the individual to set a constant sound volume that only requires you to set your volume once.

3. It costs money to have professional grade recordings suitable for viewing.  Most of us can't afford $3,000 video cameras and a sound crew, so we are relegated to using our GoPros, Kodak Playsports, Schwann Freestyles, Contour or VHoldR POV cameras that do not have professional grade microphones and editing in off the shelf software or what YouTube or other video sites provide.


I speak from experience here and can say that a 5 minute video takes at least 2 hours to properly edit and sequence not to mention the 2-3 hours to compile and upload to YouTube for viewing.  I know its not perfect nor your preference, but those are just some of the reasons.  I hope you can see why it can be challenging for those of us that take the time to present the information in this media form for your viewing pleasure.

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Yeah what he said. Lol. I put music in there because I know you sure as hell don't want to hear me sing

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