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What Line To Use For A Jig Rod

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I go 30lb braid with a max of 12lb fluro leader. Ive been known to run 10 and 8 too. Growing up on a spring fed limestone stream that sees more pressure than one could imagine I found out how fast a line change can turn your day in a hurry. I dont like to fish 7x on a fly rod, I prefer 5x as my low spot however sometimes 5x just cant cut it. If I can land a 10lb steelhead with a firecracker up its rear on 5x I can land a bass on 8lb fluro.

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I use sufix green color 20# for all my jigging.  I fish a lot of stained waters.  20# is plenty strong and the line diameter is very small.  Braid sensitivity is great for jigs.  People complain that 20# braid is too thin and they experience line dig on the reel.  I've never had a problem with this but I usually dont use my reel as a winch either.  I never use a leader, if I feel like I need one I'm switch to a rod with lighter line on it anyways, usually 6# or 8# sufix mono.  I really need to try yozuri though.


I like to put my jigs right behind a rock or a log and slide them up and down slooooooowly and then kind of wedge it into place and keep the line taut.  No mistaking a strike or pick up with braid doing this.

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