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what is the best bait of this season

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We need a little more information about the lake but you can't go wrong with a jig. But what color, size, action, and speed all depend on the body of water you will be fishing.

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Guest avid

Wow, big question for such a little amount of info.

but you did post your state (Louisiana) in your profile, otherwise I wouldn't even bother to respong.

Jigs are always a great choice in cooler water, but can be difficult for a newbie (you new to bassin' yes?)

Fortunately the hard bait bite should be pretty good.

Ratltraps,  slender minnow baits like rapalas, rogues, and of course pointers. are very productive right now.

For soft baits.  the senko can't be beat.  Just check the sticky on that.

Good luck and have fun.


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thanks guys 8-) but i went out there had my spinnerbaites ;D but i didnt even get a bite and all the fish were eating shad so i thought i would try a crankbait not a bite so i said ill go to my favorite type of lures plastic worms so i put on a zoom cotton cand lizzard and caught one and thats all but my dad caught 8 but could only keep 5 because he nisted one and the other two were in the slot but we came home with 6 but we shared some laughes and caught some fish so i had fun

the lake was cleco lake in la

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Berkley, in addition to the other suggestions, in Louisiana, the water should be warm enough that a slow rolled spinnerbait would work at times, also.  

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No price concern:

Lucky Craft Live Pointers (95 MR is my all around choice)

Yo-Zuri Rattle N Vibes

Spro Aruku Shad 75

Yo-Zuri DRUM

Lucky Craft Pointer

Lucky Craft Sammy

Price concerned:

Wide wobble cranks are said to be bad in cold weather but my Rapala DTs are telling a different story.

Rapala Husky Jerks, solid jerkbaits at a cheap price.

Rapala X-Raps, not producing as much as they were when it was warmer but still are working. Regardless of price these are some of the best jerkbaits out right now.

Shad Rap RS

(P.S. Rapala, Sponsor Me!)

The suspending and high flash tight wobble cranks I have have been producing the most.

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