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Fishing After A Flood...

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Hello everyone, here in east TN its raining like no other and when its all over in a few days i plan to fish my pond from morning thru early night, the pond levels out water very well so the water will be back to normal if not a few extra inches, it will be a very light muddy color water temps will prob stay in high 50s to low 60s. i was just seeing if anyone knows any good tricks for fishing a post flood?


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Find the spot where water is draining into the pond. 

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Well Im in Northern Illinois and had river flood waters reach my favorite lake. The level went up a good 5 feet and the visbility went down about half from 15 to 8 feet and a bit browner color from greenish.


Im fishing the the shore rocks more cause the water level is above them now where it normally is just to them. Bass have already moved into them and tossing lipless cranks parallel in front and over the rocks have been producing.


Im tossing wacky senkos into brush that is water covered now jigs would work too but not tried yet.


So guess saying try the "new" areas that underwater could lead to catches. If you know about a log that wasnt covered and now is throw to it.


Im adding a pic showing where water was, now most those rocks are underwater. See all the places a fish could call home.




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When a body of water floods it opens up new territority for the bass to investigate.


You really need to consider fishing the newly flooded areas with the baits of your choice, including crankbaits, spinnerbaits and plastics.


On Buggs Island on the Virginia/Northe Carolina line we love to have the water high enough to get "into the bushes" as that is where the bass will go to survey the flooded areas.


With that said, please understand that the bass have more areas to hide in the higher water which can mean catching them could be more difficult. If they go deep you may not be able to cast to the areas where they are holding due to the increased distance.


Go out and give it a try and let us know how you do.

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