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Amir Mccray

Never Get Bites

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Well now we can see you are from Jersey, a young man who is more than likely fishing from shore with a Texas rigged soft plastic worm or a few different types of plastic worms...right?

Most of us started out bank fishing with 1 rod/reel outfit, today that is usually a spinning outfit...right agian?

Guessing wastes lot of time and energy and the reason I ask these questions.

Lets assume you have no idea where the bass should be during this time of year, most anglers don't! The average bass angler start where they fished the last time on the water and fish the way the did when it worked.

Sometimes this approach works, most of the time it doesn't. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

This time of year the bass have moved or are moving, so you need to do the same...move to different locations, fish deeper and slower; fish main lake points and let us know if that helped.



Fishing points pointers.

1. Start near the base of the point. From shore or a boat, position yourself near ( boat) or on the bank about a good casting distance to one side of the point. Next make the first cast to the base where the point attaches to the bank and retrieve. Then start your casting down the spine of the point while moving closer towards the base. With a boat you can move out into deeper water and fish all around the perimeter out into deep water, around the point tip and continue back towards the base on the opposite side.

2. From shore you maybe able to walk onto the spine of the point and fan cast all around the points sides and tip.

3. With a boat you can cast over the submerge point spine and work up and over the opposite side, back down the face side. This presentation is over looked by most anglers, because they fear hanging up lures, no problem with a boat to retrieve lures by moving around to the opposite, retrieve the lure. If you fear losing bottom bumping lures, don't use them!

4. Most boaters tend to approach and fish points from deep water towards the point tip, the problem this can create is you are sitting on top of the bass that heard you coming and moved into deeper water. Approaching from the side or base of the point, you can cast to bass without sitting on top of them. Bank angers don't have that problem, they can only present lures from where they are standing.


I've never read bad advice from this man.

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 Try fishing at the evenings till dark. They turn on around dusk. They also turn on before dawn too. Anytime of day is for fishing too. 

Funny and true

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bigbill    1,058

In the changing light conditions the basses eyes adjust quicker, sooner than the baitfish eyes thus making them easy prey. This is why the bass put on the feed bag early in the morning and In the evenings when the light conditions change. During the noon time the bite increases too when the plants give off plankton the baitfish come out of hiding to eat the bass turn on to eat them.

I been told that after it gets dark and everything settles down on the body of water around 10pm/11pm the bass turn on again. I never tried fishing at this time yet. Usually

at this time in the summer I'm on the menu for the bugs to feast.

From a boat you can track the basses movements. From the shore we need to time there movements so we know when to fish for them. Early morning fishing in the dark there close to the shoreline ambushing the baitfish. Then as it gets lighter they move to deeper cover. In the low light conditions I can catch them when they move from the shallow into the channel towards the thick cover. It's all about the timing when there moving.

I found using a hummingbird portable cast out fish finder with the wrist watch reader will tell you the bottom structure besides were the fish are at too. It's a great tool to have when the smaller bodies of water have no tool maps to go by.

Fishing isn't rocket science it's understanding the bottom structure and layout of the place.

If your fishing a new body of water using live minnows will tell you what is there. I was doing this till I learned how to present lures better.

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