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Assorted Baits, Bbz Shads, Lucky Craft And Bull Shad

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Hey guys, trying to move some old stuff that I do not use anymore and some newer baits that i've got extras of.  1st lot is 20 assorted baits, some rebel wee rs, a couple rapalas, and some other stuff in there for $36 shipped.


Second Pic is the Lucky Craft 1.2 Martys , a BDS 3, BBZ shads and a megabass giant dog x. The lucky crafts are $9 each in very good condition and the giant dog x is $11. The BBZ shads are baits/colors i have multiples of. These two floaters have never been out of the package, asking $15 each. Lastly is a 7" gen 1 (really pre gen 1) bull shad. Just don't feel like i need more than a couple. i'd like to see what comes up on trade for it before selling. I've also still got a few spools of the unopened trilene fluoro I had on here back around Christmas, 10lb and 12lb are all that's left, $10 a spool & $5 shipping on the line, all other prices are shipped.





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I'll take the spro on the left.

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