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Any Luck In Upstate Ny?

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Was on Silver from 7am-4pm today, and it continues to be a slow grind.


I caught 7 bass all day. 6 smallmouth, and 1 lone idiot largemouth.


The pattern was....fish something until your about sick of not getting bit...then throw it a little more for a lone bite. Put that down, pick something else up and repeat the process.


The six smallmouth came on six different things, in 6 different areas, from 6 different depths of water....and it was a bite an hour for...you guessed it....6 hours.


Smallmouth #1, a 2lber came shortly after I started on a 4" GYCB hula grub fished in 15' on a 1/2oz football head.


Smallmouth #2, a 3.5lber, came an hour later in 7 feet of water on a ned rig 


Smallmouth #3, a 2.5ber, came on a 4" Keitech swing impact slow rolled over rock/grass in 9-10 feet of water.


Smallmouth #4, a 2.75lber came on a tube dragged in 18' feet of water over a point.


Smallmouth #5, a 12"er rat keeper, came on a drop shotted GYCB shad shape worm in 22 feet of water off a tire.


And Smallmouth #6, a 2.5lber came from 25 feet of water on a 1/2  oz blade bait.


The lone largemouth, a 4lber, came on a swim jig in 4 feet of water


That's a solid pattern there LMAO

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This weekend was a mixed bag of weather. Saturday had crazy temps, wind and rain. Sunday was a better day with calm winds, sun and highs near 50 degrees.


I made my way down to the Hudson river and they had the d**n open. A lot of water, cold mountain water, was spilling over into the part of the river I fish. The current was strong, stong enough to move some trees that had fallen into the river further down from where they were last time I was there.


My usual spots were not producing due to the current so I started walking further down the river to find some current breaks. First one I found I cast a jig and when reeling it back got a hit relatively close to shore. A few more casts produced a Smallmouth Bass that weighed over a pound. Another one over a pound shortly after that then a big Yellow Perch. Things died down for a bit and then I got my last fish, a Smallmouth that weighed exactly what the second one I caught weighed. I think I caught the same fish twice.


I took the day off Monday and went fishing despite the much colder weather and threats of afternoon rain. I walked to the same spot and nothing was biting there. I walked further down the river to a bend that had a large current break that was causing a small whirlpool. There I cast my jig and caught a Smallmouth Bass.





Got another one shortly after that, roughly the same size.





Overall this weekend was better fishing than I could have hoped. Always glad to get anything in November up here especially from shore. I did get a sad feeling after throwing the last Bass back as the reality sunk in that this was possibly my last fish of the season. With the shorter days I won't be able to get out until next weekend and the temps are expected to be near freezing. Snow is predicted after Veterans Day here.


The other sign that the season might be over for me soon was an actual sign. They replaced the "No Swimming" signs on the shore with "Danger keep off the ice" signs...

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Well, I'm done for 2018.


This weekends weather is garbage. I cancelled the tournament I was going to have on Sunday, cleaned my gear out of the boat and winterized it after work today. It's going into storage soon.


Fishing has not been good the last 4-5 weeks, and neither has the weather. I can't remember a more cold, wet, gloomy late Oct.-early Nov. off the top of my head.


Since the week after Columbus day, I'm not sure the sun has shined more than 2 full days, and I'm not sure we have had more than a 1/2 dozen days above 50 in the same time. Same goes for rain....it's been wet.


We completely bypassed the 50's in water temps. It was 61 on October 18th, and 47 on Halloween.


Oh well, it was a good, fun year. 

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