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Slow November Day

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Today was the last day of warm weather before the temp is going to drop 20 degrees in the next few days. Water temp ranged from 53-56 while I was there. I was waiting to see when the topwater frog bite was going to stop and it may have for the most part. I caught a few pickerel on the frog today but no bass. Not digging the cold weather ahead. A few weeks ago while throwing the frog near a big branch sticking out of the water it got hung up and eventually I had to cut the line. Today I throw another frog in the same area and it got stuck also. A little bit of yanking from different angles and the frog popped loose. As I'm reeling it in I can see the other frog from last time hooked to the frog from today. Strange luck but I'll take it. Even with the water temp around 55-57 the only way I caught bass today was slow fishing with a 5'' worm rigged weedless. I'm limited to what I can use due to the thick grass and muck that is on alot of the surface along with all the leaves.




This is where both frogs were stuck on.







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ha, I did the same thing last month and got snagged on something in the water and ended up pulling out a spoon I lost this summer. It was my fav weedless spoon too so I was pumped.lol


That looks like a really nice pickerel got there. all and all that looks like a great day of fishing in my book ;)

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Funny how that works sometimes. The bad thing was I caught more pickerel than bass. They seemed to be more active for the topwater than the bass.

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