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Brand New Humminbird 1198C Si

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This is my Humminbird 1198c SI unit.  I purchased this new just over a week ago.  I decided against keeping it but I threw away the receipt for this unit and now I can't return it.  I actually would rather get rid of it for cheap than keep it because I am trying to gather funds asap for a new toy!  The unit is brand new.  The box has been open but none of the parts bags have even been opened.  I posted some pics below and also posted a video of the unit on my Youtube account.  Hopefully the link to the video works.  This is a really really really good price.  These sell USED on ebay for a lot more than what I am asking.  Like I said, this one is brand new, unused, and guaranteed to be perfect.  $1050 




























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I see that your first post is in the Flea Market. While this isn't technically forbidden, how about making a post in the Introductions area? Our Flea Market is a community garage sale, where members have the opportunity to trade, sell, and buy used fishing gear. Its success is built on mutual trust, and a short introduction would be a great start.

Also, please take the time to read our Flea Market Terms of Use and Forum Rules and FAQ.



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No problem.  I will head over to the introductions area.  A coworker of mine turned me on to this site when I said I wanted to sell my fish finder.  I didn't know that there was ever a fishing site that had a fishing classifieds section.  I am part of a couple other forums that have classified sections  but I didn't think fishing gear would be such a popular thing to see via long distances through the internet.  This seems like a good community.  ...Even better when somoene buys my Humminbird. :D

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Is this Humminbird still available?

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