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WTB a worm/jig casting rod. 6'6" - 7' MH preferred. Also looking for under $50.

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It's going to be tough finding someone willing to sell you a rod for what you're asking when shipping costs around $20 min if a PVC tube is used. 

I'd suggest looking for sales on Lightening Rods, H20 Express (Academy Sports) rods on sale, or checking your local classifieds or Craigslist. It's just not worth it to most unless you can negate shipping.

Welcome to the forums and good luck! 

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You can buy a brand new H2O, Lightning Rod or Lightning Rod Shock, or Shimano Sellus for your price range. Like the previous poster stated, shipping will be almost half of that price. Maybe someone will be willing to go through the hassle, but you could go to a store and actually hold the rod in your hand and know you're getting a brand new rod that should have at least a year warranty too. 

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As Bluebasser86 said, H20 Ethos or Lightning Rod Shock will suit you perfectly. I have both kinds and definitely still use them regularly. Solid values for sure.

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