I used to work the shallows a bunch and for too long this time of year.  And like you, I ran into mostly the same kind of bass.  It's easy & fun to keep getting bit but I rarely stuck the ones I was looking for.    More recently during post spawn, while the majority of the angling population is sore lipping the males at the bank, I spend a high percentage of my time on the water fishing the first (and sometimes the secondary) breaks in the immediate vicinity of spawning flats.   The females often seem to relate to these areas / breaks.  They may not always be willing to eat but that's where I find them most often.  I do not get even half the bites possible up shallower, but the bass I get are often the right ones.  Almost any bait & presentation can work & often does but a jig & big craw is a main stay.  Where there is some hard cover (wood) on the right structure - that's the spot on the spot. Something not talked about but these are the spots I love coming back to on a moonless night  . . . . .  A Post Spawn exception to this for me is during the bluegill spawn.   At some point, once the females have recovered and are ready to eat again, they will move very shallow to eat those bluegills heavy.  Doesn't last long but the action can be hot & heavy.  Swimbaits, Swimjigs, chatterbaits, spinnerbaits & big topwater all play.  When I hit this one right- -it's a ton of fun. A-Jay
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