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Fishing a rapidly filling lake

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Here's the scenario, I've been fishing this lake every weekend for the last 3 months, for large mouth bass. The lake itself has not completely filled for over eight years, one because of drought issues and the second because of dam issues. The fish seem very sporadic, one day you'll catch 10, the next day you'll catch none using the same technics and fishing the same spots. The lake itself is about 70% capacity and rising about a foot  week. My theory is the bass don't know what to do because they've been accustomed to the lake only filling about 50% and now their confused. Been catching them off baby bass sinkos in rocks and off the shore, but have tried many other technics and have not caught any, deep and shallow. Water temp fluctuates between 69- 76, and local temp has been anywhere between 75-95 during the day. Have a tournament this weekend and would appreciate some help. Tournament temp will be around 75 and partly cloudy.

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Hello and Welcome to Bass Resources

Flip The Bushes.


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Good advice - flip or pitch the bushes.  When you grow weary of pitching bushes, throw a spinner bait or a Timber Tiger DC4  around the bushes.   After a dozen casts or so, go back to pitching bushes.  

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