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Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on these types of underwater, boat mounted (green) lights?  ~Specifically bass fishing~  And if these lights aren't the right idea, I would like to hear some ideas or pointers so we can start doing some night fishing. 

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Sorry my last post was deleted because I didn't read all the rules, and someone thought my name was a business (It isn't - just a name) 

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I have used Brinkman Star Fire II submersible light for over a decade night fishing. I hang over the transum to luminate the water around the boat, makes netting a bass easy and lights up about 20' all around the boat. This is a white powerful halogen lamp and will draw bugs and they aren't a problem where I fish.

Caution, this light gets hot and must stay in the water to cool off. I also changed the battery clips to a switched 12v plug to make it easier to turn on/off.

There is a green LED submersible light that is very similar and would be better choice for areas with bugs.

You also need a powerful spot light to navigate at times And flash lights to find things in the dark, tie knots etc., a LED cap/head lamp works good.


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