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FS: Cranks, Jerkbaits, etc. (Lucky Crafts at a great price)

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Hi everyone,


I have things around the house that need fixing so I am forced to sell some of my extra or additional crankbaits, jerkbaits, etc. that I have around and need to sell them fast so I can proceed.  I really hate to sell many of these baits since most have not been used.  Some were used only a handful of times and only a select few baits have scuffs in the paint, etc.


I really would like to sell this entire lot as one sale and because of that, I will cover the shipping and I have priced the baits to SELL!


Here is what I have for sale:


Bandit 300 (Threadfin Shad)

Spro RK Crawler (Molting Craw)

Lucky Craft Flat MR (Ghost Pro Violet)

Norman Deep Little N (Natural Perch)

Norman DD22 (Falcon Lake Special)

Cordell CC Shad (Chrome/Blue)

Cabela’s Crank (copy of Salmo Hornet)

Bandit 200 (Ghost Shad)

Lucky Craft Fat CB (Clear/Chartreuse Belly)

Lucky Craft RC 2.5. (Tomato Shad)

Strike King KVD 2.5 (Shad)

Bandit 200 (Gizzard Shad)


Lucky Craft LV (Red Craw)

Lucky Craft LV (Ghost Minnow)

Rapala Rippin’ Rap (Pearl Shad)

Cabela’s Real Image Trap (Alewife)

Rapala Rippin’ Rap Ultralight (Chrome Tenn. Shad)

Silver Buddy (3/4oz.)

Johnson Silver Minnow (Chrome Rainbow)

Johnson Slamma Spoon (Chrome Rainbow)

Northland Live Forage Buddy (Chrome Shiner)

Vibrax Bullet (Gold/Green)

Vibrax Bullet (Chrome Blue/Chart. Dots)

Mepps Aglia 5 (Chrome)

Rooster Tail (1/4oz. Chrome/Green/Blue)

Mepps Aglia 4 (Copper Orange)

Vibrax 4 (Black/Black)


Matzuo Kinchu Shad (Sexy Shad)

Rapala Flat Rap (Silver)

Rapala Flat Rap (Rainbow Trout)

Storm Suspending Jerkbait (Silver/Orange Belly)

Storm Deep Thunderstick (Dives to 20+ Blue Holographic)

Smithwick Suspending Rogue (Juice)

Smithwick Elite 8 Rogue (Blue Shad)

Luck E Strike RC Jerkbait (Elegy Bone)

Lucky Craft Slender Pointer (DISCONTINUED Ghost Minnow)

Storm Suspending Jerkbait (Pearl Shad)

Koppers Perch (Chrome Perch)


Like I said, I would like to sell all of these baits for one price of $125 shipped to your door via Postal or similar (i.e. Western Union, etc.) Money Order. I will also accept a personal check but I will have to wait for it to clear before I ship so I can make sure funds are there.   Some of these Lucky Crafts I paid almost $18 a piece for!  Those baits alone are worth more than $100.   As much as I would like to trade, I can’t on this one.  These would be good baits to have as back-ups, main baits for you, or to get a youngster started with some quality baits.  If interested, please let me know.  Thanks for your help and hopeful sale!


Hopefully I can get pictures posted.  If not, PM me and I will email you pictures as I have them on hand. 




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PM returned.  Thank you.

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Still waiting to hear from you kiko13.  Thanks and please let me know.

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I'd be interested in a few of the jerkbaits of you would be willing to split

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