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Evan K

Binder Lake AM Fishing

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A buddy and I took my jon boat out on Binder Lake near Jefferson City MO today for a morning's fishing. The boat is a 12' Tracker jon, with a Minn-Kota Traxxis 55 lb trolling motor and a Humminbird Helix 5 SI. This was the first "serious" trip for the boat, out on a 150 acre lake, and it did great- two guys fished out of it no problem. It was tight, but doable.



We started the morning at 5:45 or so, about 10 minutes before sunrise. Began throwing frogs, buzzbaits, and whopper ploppers near the shore and in the abundant lily pads that grow there. Shallow water, about 4-7' deep. Caught 2 small ones on the whopper plopper and another small one on a Texas rigged Zoom 10-1/2" ribbontail worm (green pumpkin magic). Moved along the shoreline, trying the worm, spinnerbait, and frog, with little success. Swung around to the opposite shore which averages 16-25' deep and has a lot of submerged and emergent timber. Threw a Texas rigged craw (green pumpkin), T-rigged Brush Hog in watermelon red flake, and a 12' diving crankbait in sexy shad. Caught a couple small ones on the crankbait and the brush hog. Got to the dam end and fished the riprap and rocks with a jig, same crankbait, and s-waver swimbait, nothing. Went in around 10:30.

It was a tough day. The weather turned out to be blue skies, very light breeze, and warm instead of the predicted cloudy and rain. We only caught about 5 apiece, and none of them touched 2 lbs. We never got a pattern figured out. The closest we came is that they didn't seem to be interested in reaction baits- we generally had better success with the t-rigs. We fished tight to cover and covered a lot of water, but again with very limited success.

I enjoyed the trip, I feel like we worked hard for the fish we got even though it wasn't many or very good ones, and in that sense it was a success. :)


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