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It's Jig Season

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Ok, I listed some of these before but they didn't get much interest, but they gotta sell. Due to a law change, I can no longer use lead jigs where I live. I spent a lot of money on these and am hoping to generate some cash to buy legal lead-free jigs.

You're looking at 31 jigs, plus one head without a skirt. Most of these are BooYah brand. Quick count shows 6 BooYah Pigskin jigs (ranging from 3/4 to 3/8 oz.), 8 Boo Jigs (ranging from 1/2 to 1/4 oz.), 2 BooYah Swim N Jigs (both 1/2 oz), a handful of Baby Boo Jigs and Pro Boo Bugs (in both 3/16 and 5/16 sizes), plus a few other from various brands. They're all in great condition, some never fished -- aside from one of the football head jis with paint chipping off the head.

Take them all for $50 shipped or best offer. If you're interested, please make an offer, I can't use these anymore. If you don't want them all, I can break them up into lots of 10 or so, but no fewer (just not economical to ship them all separately)



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It's a much debated topic -- New law just went into effect in New Hampshire in June saying you cannot use lead jigs or sinkers weighing 1 ounce or less. Law used to limit only split shot sinkers and excluded jigs with hooks attached, but that new law bans jigs too. Law is designed to protect loon population, which ingest lead jigs and sinkers -- effectiveness of said law in reducing loon mortality is also much debated, but a law is a law. Honestly I'm not sure how Game Wardens check for lead in the field, but I don't want to pay a fine to find out. 

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13 minutes ago, dallasdb said:


How would they tell if the jigs are "lead free?"

New Hampshire went lead free in June. I'm not too pleased either, but I fish in enough other states that I'm not getting rid of my jigs.


As far as them determining the lead content-I have no idea. My guess is that they are going to leave us alone, but just keep it off the shelves. 

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Interested in all the non-football head jigs from 3/8oz to 3/4 oz. how many do you have?

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