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Help with line choice

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Hello all, I am having a hard time deciding on lines. I have been fishing since I was young, but have just now decided to upgrade to more quality equipment. I have 8 rod and reel combos at the moment, mostly $25-$40 reels with rods in the same price range. I recently bought a bass boat and would like to take my fishing to the next level (for me at least). I have decided to buy a new baitcaster and spinning rod. After a lot of research I have decided on a Daiwa Tatula 100xs paired with a Daiwa Tatula 6'10" Medium heavy action and a Penn Battle 2 5000 paired with an Ugly Stick GX2 6'6" medium heavy. I want these to be all around setups for freshwater fishing. (Except catfish and panfish, I have two catfish rigs and an ultralight setup for those, even though I may sometimes utilize the Penn for larger bluegills and rockbass.)

My concern is since I have decided to go with these two setups most of the time instead of buying several cheaper combinations I am limited to two lines. (I don't want to change line every fishing trip.)  From what I have been reading it would seem that a good braided line would be the choice for the Daiwa for an all around line that I can use for pitching, as well as many different rigs, T-rig, topwater, jigs, etc. I think this would allow me for fish cover as well as weeds and open water. On the same boat I am leaning towards a 10# mono for the Penn to be able to finesse the bait better. 

I would like any opinions that anyone has as to line choice and if you think there may be a better option for the rod/reel setups I will be happy to hear. Thanks in advance!

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Yo-Zuri Hybrid #12



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I recommend #6 for spinning tackle, #12 for baitcasting gear.



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