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Blackbears and coyotes

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I'm recovering healthwise but very slowly. I'm resting most of the time using a walker now.

the other night about 12/1am I heard a stomping grunting, snorting deer come through the property mile seconds later there's a pack of coyotes chasing it. While yelping, barking, ect. Then there in the bottoms and it got quiet. They made there kill because they were singing before it went quiet.

now the next morning I went for injections for my lower back. We arrived home at 10:30am. I had a 300lb Blackbear with my bird feeder in its mouth. He didn't spook. He dragged the bird feeder and ate as we pulled in the driveway. No to push him we went for a ride. We got home he's still there so we blew the horn and he slowly walked towards the woods. I tied the dog out and it ran away when the dog barked. I bought the misses pepper spray. I'm thinking this 300lb bear is a female. I seen a larger 400lb bear(male) last year. Maybe cubs in the spring?

i told the misses to remove the bird feeders finally she did. I put out the moultry corn feeder when the snow is deep. I plow a path from the bottoms to the water shed past the feeder.

there goes my garden, my fruit trees and blueberry bushed/ strawberry patch.

have to really watch the grandson playing outside now.

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I think you really need to watch any grandchild (or child, regardless of age) very closely ! My daughter is almost one. And she is in to everything. I never can relax unless she's asleep. I have a 7 year old nephew. And he's complete trouble. always in to something and very sneaky about it. 

You won't have to worry about the bears here in a couple months. I'd say they are out and about though right now. I've never really been scared by a coyote. But I've also never came in contact with a pack.. and I've never seen one with much size. Usually just skinny stragglers. 



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When we rode dirtbikes I made sure the sparkplug was fresh after I had one foul with a pack of coyotes closing in nearby. The bike was a short push to the trailer. Trust me the after burner was on.

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