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As I am becoming more and more into fishing, I must acquire better gear. I am accustomed to both casting and spinning reels. My current setups are


7'3" MH Fast OMN / Quantum Smoke Pt 7.3:1 / 30 lb test Suffix 832

7'3" MH Fast OMN / (no reel yet) / (no line yet)

7'1" M Mod Tournament ZX / Daiwa Arachnid 6.3:1 / 10 lb test CXX 

7' M Fast Tournament ZX / Tornament ZX 1500 / 20 lb test braid with 6-10 pound leader


I want to have a heavy, medium heavy, and medium casting rods. the heavy will be use for applications with lots of power needed. this reel will have 50 pound braid and a spare spool with 20 pound flourocarbon. medium heavy will be the nicest reel i can find for less than 150$ with 15 pound fluorocarbon or 20-30 pound braid. will be used for swim jigs and spinnerbaits. Medium will be used for plastics, cranks, topwater, etc. i want to then add another spinning setup to my arsenal, one for wacky rigs and one for drop shotting. Then i will add baits and other gear. What do you think of this plan?

i also want to exchange the two OMNs for 7'3" H and 7'1" MH ones

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9 hours ago, bigfruits said:

sounds like a well rounded arsenal!

Thanks, i want to keep it simple, i started by investing in "quality gear" that way it will last me for a long time and have few problems

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Other than using the Med Hvy for plastics rather than the Med I think your plan is spot on. That's just me though. I like a rod with more back bone and turning power on the majority of my soft plastic applications. Again, that's just the way I fish. You should do what works for you.

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