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cigarette lighter adapter for fish finder

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Hi, All,

Though it probably seems weird in this day and age, I have been fishing for 55years and have never used or owned a fish finder. Well, that's about to change. As a retirement gift to myself, I just ordered a Sun Dolphin Pro 120 bass boat. I intend to enjoy this little guy for many years, and would like to install a fish finder.

I own a Minn Kota battery power center which has 2 12v accessory plugs built in. Instead of trying to splice into the boat's wiring harness to install it, can I use a cigarette lighter power cable from the finder to the battery box, and would doing that negatively affect the finder's performance?

I have been doing some research and Lowrance sells a CA8 cigarette plug power cable that can be used with any blue plug Fish finder, and no, I have no idea what that means.

As an aside, Cabella has refurbished Lowarance Elite 7 Chirp mid/high HDI sonar gps combo for sale for 300.00, which is at the top of my budget. Looks kind of confusing to me, and I don't even know if it has that blue plug thing! So, what kind of fishfinder do I need, and will this Elite 7 that can do everything but wash my dishes work for me, or is it overkill?

Thank you for your help


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I power my sonar with a cigarette lighter plug into that same MK power center.  It has worked fine for the past 7 years using 3 different sonars.  I attached female spade connectors to the end of the stock Humminbird power cable. Then, I bought a cigarette lighter plug (from Walmart auto department) and attached male spade connectors to the end of those wires. The Walmart plug has a fuse socket built into it so you have that fuse in addition to the circuit breaker on the MK power center. You could just solder and shrink-tube the cigarette lighter plug onto the power cable but using the spade connectors lets me remove the plug and connect the sonar to a small 7AH battery for when I want to power the sonar away from the boat (like inside the house when I'm playing with settings, working with waypoints, etc.).

I can post a photo in a couple hours of my set-up. (photos posted)

On the Lowrance unit - I'm not familiar with that product line - I've been an HB guy for all 3 of my sonars...


Power cable showing spade connectors:

H10 w-CigPlug.JPG

Connected to the 7AH battery:

H10 on 7AH.JPG

On the boat - hummin' away:

Helix 10 on Dash.JPG

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Yep, I  have three auto receptacles on my boat and several in my den to power my sonar/GPS units.

I get the cord plugs that have built-in fuses and install the recommended fuse size for each unit.

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I use a 7AH battery on my kayak. It works well and takes up very little space, if you don't want to splice.  They can be had for cheap on places like amazon.

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