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Major Craft BFS rod F/S or F/T

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I have a Major Craft Go Emotion GEC652L BFS casting rod for sale or trade.

Bait Finesse System casting outfits are all the rage. This rod has a good backbone despite being a BFS rod that can handle weights as light as 1/16oz. I throw Ned rigs, Shakey Heads and Crankbaits like Bagley Honey B's on it. Also a sick rod for stream smallies and hiking.

Fast Action Go Emotion rod can handle baits from 1/16oz thru 1/4oz. 4 to 12lb line 6-5, 2pc, split grip. Perfect condition. Fuji reel seat and SiC guides. With rod sock. 100.00TYD

I take paypal, I would consider a trade for a Left handed Shimano casting reel such as Scorpion 1001XT, 2016 Casitas or Caenan.....etc. I could add cash to deal.






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 Have you tried casting actual 1/16oz lures with it, like trout spinners and the like?    I currently have a Phenix 682 and  while it will throw a 1/8 spinner decently, I really have to step up to 1/6 or 3/16 to get both accuracy and distance.  

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Actually yes, but the ratings also include the assumption that one would be using a solid BFS reel that can handle the lightest offerings. One would not likely get the distance they wanted throwing a 1/16oz bait with a standard casting reel. They would need a reel capable of throwing lightweight baits. I personally have an Aldabarran 51 HG and an Aldabarran 51 MG7. Both can chuck light stuff but the HG does it better. I also have a Curado 51 e7 and a Scorpion 1001(old version).......both have been super tuned and have boca bearings. The Curado does not excel with light stuff under 1/8oz but the Scorpion might rival the MG7, and for a 100.00 reel, that is impressive. 

Line also plays a role. I find I get more distance with Fluoro than braid.....it might be due to the sticky coating on many braids.....I use Samurai and J Braid mostly. Seaguar InviZx is the Fluoro I opt for.

I've actually thrown a bunch of 1/16oz hair jigs with the rod as well as 1/10 Rebel cranks like the Teeny Wee Craw and I've chucked 1/20oz ZMan Shroomz heads with their TRD ned rig bait.......but the total weight of that is likely closer to 1/8oz or slightly more.

My point is that the rod rating specs really depend on the whole outfit. It is a more truthful answer than simply "yes" the rod can cast 1/16oz baits. Hope that helps clarify things a bit.

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Wow, thanks for all that.  I picked up a ML Go Emotion rod last week and so far I am blown away by it.  I still need to buy a reel for it but I fished it for a day with my PX68 on it and it really seems to shine in the lower-mid end of its rating, which overlaps with the Recon, which seems to cast best in the mid-upper end.  Fished side by side with the same reel and lure they felt and preformed very similar and the GoE was right up there in casting distance dispite being 6" shorter.  


Someone else please buy this rod so I don't have to.


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i have a major craft crostage spinning rod and some other left handed reels i will trade as well. shoot me a pm!!

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