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Recently I was faced with the challenge of picking out a new general-use casting reel. 2 brands came to mind; Daiwa, with their new Tatula CT, and Shimano, with their Curado 200i. Both are great companies who make great products, so it was almost impossible to go wrong. 

I picked the Curado 200i because of Shimanos excellent reputation in the Curado line of reels. Although the Curado "G" Series was just a Caenan dressed up in a less-flashy (arguably, rather ugly) olive paint job. However, the Curado "E" is still one of the most bombproof reels out there. 


I got the 6.3:1 for use as an all-purpose reel.

First Impressions:
While unboxing the Curado 200i, there was one thing that really stood out. The paint job. The 2-tone paint job on this reel is really something. While handling the reel for the first time and spooling it up, I noticed that the reel never seemed to feel too geary, this seems to be thanks to Shimanos X-Ship. Essentially, the pinion gear that the spool shaft passes through is kept in near-perfect alignment with the main gear due to having 2 bearings supporting each end. The  aluminum drag star is also a nice touch.


On the water:
After spooling the reel up with some generic 15 pound mono and heading to the pond, I was able to get some usage in on the Curado. A good thing to make mention of is the new braking system. SVS Infinity is a great braking system - but it takes some getting used to. After having a close call with a trip-ruining backlash, I turned the brakes up to 2 pins set to on, and setting the external dial to 4. This solved the entire backlash problem, and I was surprised to see how far this reel could throw a square-bill crankbait into a little wind with little effort. I recommend turning the brakes higher than you would think is nessecary when using a SVS equipped reel for the first time.
Another thing I really liked was how strong the reel feels compared to Curados of the past, this thing feels solid!

Update: 1 Week of usage. No fish landed! ):
The reel feels MUCH smoother and casts a good 10' further after a good break-in fishing heavy baits, such as big spinners, smaller swimbaits, big chatterbaits, and some cranks.

I did have a chance to fight a 5-ish pound LMB on it, I didnt get to land it, but the drag feels superior to any stock reel I have used. X-Ship also makes a pretty big difference when theres a fish on. (Including the Curado 200e7)

I did have to oil the SVS brakes every couple trips. I usually run them with 2 pins on and the dial set to 6, we get some pretty crazy winds almost always here in the San Francisco/bay area. 

The fish here arent biting anything except live craws, which I dont use. So after spawn, (couple weeks) I should be able to get a good amount of fish on it.

Stay tuned for an update!



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You will be happy with the reel.  I have several and I have been very happy.

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5 minutes ago, JDNKC said:

You will be happy with the reel.  I have several and I have been very happy.

Happiest I've been with any reel :D

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