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Bass Buds,


I'm heading to Kentucky Lake Easter weekend.  Name the baits you would take with you on that trip.  Pre-Spawn to Spawn timeframe.   Thanks!!!!

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I'm going down on easter Mon.   I haven't been for 17 years or so, but I know the lake(s), competed over many decades.   Spring depends alot on the water level.   If the bushes are flooded, then you'll probably want to flip and run spinnerbaits on the edges and in.   I expect they'll be bedding or close to it.  There's a lot of submerged brush piles that you need to key on at this time.   Need good electronics, or knowledge of the locations.    You can call one of the local bait shops or lodges.   Give the boys at FLW a ring.   The spots might be on the sand bars, if there's current.   Rattling baits are good for them.   Floating worms/flukes are always one thing to try this time of year, if they're a bit finicky.   SMB head for the rocks with craw imitators but mostly a LMB bite this time of year.

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#1 is the rig fished over structure and along cover. Red Eye Shad or your favorite lipless crankbait

should be on fire.  Dropshot is almost a sure thing.  I have had great luck with the Sworming Hornet/

LFT Live Magic Shad. I would start every day with a Cavitron buzzbait, Sammy, PopMax and Whopper

Popper. If you observe bass feeding on or shadowing shad balls, the Rage Swimmer is killer. And of

course, in relatively shallow water you gotta' have a Senko and Fat Ika!



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