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few final adjustments, need advice

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I am coming down to the final days before my first tournament, and I am trying to button up all my gear before I head out. I have some questions that will touch on some things all around the yak. Rather than starting a new thread for every question, I'm hoping I can get my questions answered here.

1. After I installed my yak attack anchor trolley, I was looking for some info on something different, and came across some yakkers placing small bungee chords by the trolley pulleys to take some of the shock/jerkiness when the anchor engages. I stuck my pulleys at the very ends, with no room to install these bungees. My pulleys were screwed and caulked caulked in place. Is there any way I can avoid these pulleys being yanked out of the yak?

2. I am going to set up the retractable clothesline contraption for the anchor and drift chute rope. I saw someone on youtube connect prarachord to the existing clothesline chord that is inside unit with a not. Can anyone tell me what type of knot you'd use to tie these two ropes together so they will not come untied? I do not have hog rings or ring pliers, so I'd like to avoid that. Has anyone secured these two ropes together with zero flaws using another method? Care to share?

3. Coming off the anchor trolley ring, you will hook the anchor or chute to it, yes? how does that work when you have that retractable unit? I am really puzzled how the two work together. I see videos how to install both, but nothing about setting it up while in the water.

4. for those of you that use a drift chute without a rudder. Do you find it a hassle trying to steer it as you go while using your paddle? I imagine the chute slows you down to a crawl, so it might not be as bad as I am thinking. I have never used a drift chute, but am looking forward to it.

5. when it comes to after rain fishing, and the waters are chocolate milk colored, do you refuse to fish or do you go out anyways and hope for the best? Ever have luck, or no luck at all?

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