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Humminbird 998 c compatible grapher

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Hello all,

I have been bass fishing almost my whole life. I own a 15 foot aluminum Fisher bass boat with old electronics. I mainly fish lakes that are 9.9 hp restricted or electric motors only. My bass club caters to small lakes. I have been waiting a long time to buy a bigger bass boat and at the end of last fall finally got the chance. I bought a 2006 Nitro 482 with a Humminbird 998 c hd grapher with gps. This unit is mounted on my console. I don't have any other unit on the boat as of now except the lowrance unit that is built into the dashboard. I am not familiar with any of the newer technology in the Humminbird unit. I have only had the boat on the water twice since owning it and am starting to get to learn how to use the grapher. The side imaging is excellent and the lake maps are great for navigating. I guess the chip that is installed in the unit has all the topo's for the local lakes I fish. I have fished buddy tournaments with guys that have similar units and they love them.


I would like to purchase another unit for placement up by my trolling motor. The boat has a minn kota fortrex 80 lb thrust. I would like to buy a unit with a trolling motor transducer. My buddy said to buy a unit that is compatible with the Humminbird 998 this way I can connect the two so they can "trade" information through ethernet cables. He doesn't know which unit I should buy and neither do I. I'm hoping some of you have the 998 and know what I am talking about. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.





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You have lots of choices in current models and discontinued models.


Just sticking to that series, there are two 998c models.

998c SI Combo

998c HD SI Combo

The HD version has a brighter display with LED backlighting.

The 998 was replaced by the 999ci HD SI Combo.

The 999ci HD SI Combo was replaced by the Helix 10 SI GPS

This year a updated version of the Helix 10 came out as Helix 10 MEGA SI GPS G2N


In the 900 series there are also 2D and DI versions with 95 as the first two digits instead of 99.


You cannot purchase a unit with a trolling motor specific transducer, but can exchange or purchase one or an adapter for trolling motor use.


What sonar technology do you want at the bow?

In addition to the above models, there are the 700 series in the HD version, the 800 series and the 1100 series, plus the Helix 7 in the G2N versions plus the Helix 9, and Helix 12 models.

The 800 series has the identical models as the 900 series once you get to the ones that end in 8-

like 898c SI Combo, they are the same size cabinet with a 1" smaller display.

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After reading that my head is like those people's on that commercial where the top of their head pops off! Lol go Wayne go! 

Oh an its spinning trying to process it all.

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