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Hardbait organization

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I know this topic has been discussed in the past like much others, however looking for some organization tactics reference organizing hard baits. Number one problem I admit to is having WAY too much tackle. It's honestly getting to the point where its overwhelming. I may be answering my own question by admitting that I may need to keep it simple and cull some stuff.


Question is... how do you all organize your stuff that you have multiples of? I am mainly speaking of hard baits. I have several boxes listed for depth size, model, ect, however I have several boxes of each...and peg boards full of spares. I am finding myself having boxes for particular baits/models due to the excessive amount. For example I have boxes full of x-raps, bomber long a's, several top water boxes. I don't need to take 8 jerkbait boxes on one trip.


 I have thought about creating "day boxes" and packing the boxes I will need for whatever it is that I am doing before hand and limit myself to say 6 boxes.


For you all that have an excessive amount of tackle, how are you storing it to keep it organized? From the tackle room to the boat...please share. Feel free to provide photos of your set up.







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-"Archive" storage boxes for less used, and stockpiles.


-Main "Active" storage boxes to dip into.


-"Day" boxes are layered too:

I have boxes already made up for technique types and lure types: drop-shot, wacky, finesse, T-rig, etc...; creatures, tubes, jigs, grubs, swimbaits (S, M, L), topwater, slop, worms, cranks, ... etc, etc, etc. Since you specifically mention hardbaits, I tend to categorize as: jerks, lipless, shallow, mid, deep, extra deep, topwater, swimbait, "Mega" (really big stuff), and Ultra-light (really little stuff).


-Then I have day boxes for a particular trip, pulled from the above. I tend to start the selection process with rod/reel combos => technique => lures and supporting terminal stuff. These are dependent on water body and season. It's cyclical: Each year I'm generally pulling the same stuff.


I'm also willing to get rid of stuff. As I get older I can see that a lot of stuff just won't get used. Feels good and works better not to be too overwhelmed with stuff I'll never actually get to.

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