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Building a berkley blade dancer


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Hey guys


As you may know these were discontinued years back. Never really used the larger sizes in shallow cover for bass the way they seemed to be marketed/intended, but the little 1/16 or 1/8 oz size was an absolute killer in current. The bait would just flutter in place and I had some 100 fish days using them.


Looking for some direction on how to make my own. I assume they basically used a spoon, welded a hook to it and poured lead at the base. How would I go about this? Was thinking I could drill a hole and feed the hook point through first, with the eye being larger than the hole to prevent it from pulling through.


This is really an ultra light type deal so I don't need it to be able to rip out a stump.

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I am also a fan of that lure and figured out how to make one. Start with a Willowleaf spoon (I used size 4). Drill two 1/16 inch holes along the midline of the spoon at the opposite end from the factory hole; one should be at about three quarters of the length, and the other real close to the tip.


Bend the spoon across its width, at the 3/4 length hole, to form a 30 degree bend (if you know the blade dancer you’ll know what I mean).


Get a 1/0 or so hook with a drop eye (with eye bent inward toward the mouth of the hook).  Lay the shank of the hook down on the bent part of the spoon, matching the bend in the eye of the hook with the bend in the spoon - you probably will need to bend the hook eye a bit to match the spoon.  Position the eye of the hook just ahead of the hole that is on the bend. Wrap with .015 inch steel wire in the following pattern: up through hole #1, around shank, back down hole #1, along shank, up through hole #2, around shank, back down hole #2, along shank, up through hole #1, around shank, etc... repeat 2-3 times and the. Twist off and cut ends of wire. The wire holds the hook super tight against the spoon and won’t allow the eye of the hook to slip through (similar to your idea of passing the hook through a hole in the spoon).  

Get a lead bullet weight and hold it in a vice/pair of vice grips. Cut into the nose of the bullet with a dremel tool or band saw, just at the edge of the center hole of the bullet, so that the center hole becomes more like a “D” shape instead of a round hole - forming a channel for the shank of the hook.  Continue cutting down for a quarter or 3/8 inch (you want to match the length of the hook

shank that is sitting on the bent part of the spoon). Make another cut 90 degrees from the first one, and you will have a weight that is pretty much the exact same shape as the weight used on the commercial blade dancer.

The center hole of the bullet weight will straddle the shank of the hook so that the weight sits flat in the bent part of the spoon. Glue that bad boy on with some epoxy - be sure to clean all surfaces with alcohol first! Paint on clear epoxy or nail polish to completely cover the weight and wires - prevent corrosion and help the lure last longer. You can get fancy and sprinkle with glitter while it’s still wet to add flash and cover up the dull metal. 


Add a split ring and barrel swivel at the factory hole of the spoon. use a curly tail grub or minnow or whatever you want as the trailer. 

... I know that sounds like a lot and is maybe confusing, but it wasn’t that hard. If you have questions I hope I can help. 

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following up with a few pictures - previous post was done on my phone and i couldn't figure it out...


the wobble is just about the same as the original, even if mine look kindof Crappie (pun intended lol).


you could definitely make a smaller one that's closer to the size you want, it just might be a little more difficult handling smaller pieces - that's the only reason i started with a bigger one... but i also like the smaller sized ones - you can catch anything on them. 2 weeks ago on the small size i caught a 30 inch northern pike, several bass, and a bunch of bluegill and crappie in a single day.








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