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Lews Tournament MB vs Daiwa Tatula CT vs Shimano Casitas

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Hey friends I'm getting one of my buddies into bass fishing and he needs a new reel for one of his rods. Since he's just starting up he's wanting to buy a reel in the 100$ and from what I can tell without fishing any of them these are the best options for him I could find (Tournament MB, Tatula CT and Casitas). If anyone has any experience with fishing these reels your input would be greatly appreciated.


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Well I fish 4 Daiwa Tatula Type R reels, these are the larger original body. I also fish 2 of the newer smaller version the Tatula CT reels.  I am biased and I admit it. I have been fishing for 40 years and most recently sold off all of my Shimano and some of my Bass Pro vaitcasters in favor of the Tatulas line of reels.  They are workhorses. They have super smooth drags and I prefer the braking system on them. They are equipped with an internal automatic centrifugal brake system attached to the inductor( part of the spool assembly) and an externally adjusted magnetic system.  I find it super easy to dial them in correctly for backlash free casts.

I know lots of guys like the Lews products, I personally know some long time Lews users that have been changing to the Tatulas as well.

There are a few things to note on the Tatula CTs. The cast control needs to be adjusted differently than most reels for the system to work best.  Normally you would tie on a lure and adjust the spool tension till the lure dropped slowly and as it stopped the spool did not over run.  On the Tatula you loosen the spool up till there is a tiny bit of side play in the spool.  That is the correct setting and it will look like the lure is falling to quickly, but this is okay because of the inner centrifugal system.  The Daiwa Tatula CTs have Magforce Z braking.  Here is a video to watch and the video maker explains 3 different brakes systems Daiwa uses. Check out this video.

 All this means is that the reels are smooth casting and easy to learn on. Before I am done all 12 of my baitcasters will have some form of a Tatula on them.  The Tatula CT can be found for around $110 sometimes less online, they regularly sell for $129. In my opinion the best deal going. 


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I like the lews MB, but the other choices are good too. For me, if he is just starting out, I would not have him spend the extra money on the Lews MB. I would have him get the lowest cost option of the three. They are all good reels and would be more than adequate for a newbie.

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The Lew's LFS Speed Spool for $99 is a great reel. I have 3 of them and haven't had an issue. I also have the BPS Pro Qualifier which is a nice reel as well for $99.

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