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Is extraFast action TOO FAST?

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3 hours ago, BaitFinesse said:

Outside of the US market ML casting rods are very common.  Everybody has them.  

Phenix makes a few in the Maxim line with MF tapers. Bought one in 7'3' for my BFS setup. Dunno why I have a BFS setup for fishing in Florida. Abu also has a Fantasista Regista 6'10" on clearance on certain sites that also caught my eye, it was $500 now for $200. SMH, bait monkey 🙈


Luckily some areas where I live barely have vegetation on the bank and no shopping carts thrown into the lake to get snagged on, so I can actually use it. Some of my normal fishing areas would laugh at me. 

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11 hours ago, Stephen B said:

Many companies make ML power baitcasting rods. St Croix, Shimano, Phenix, Dobyns, Abu Garcia, and many others manufacture ML casting rods. 

None are 2 power ML equal to the spinning rod each company offers. 

The OP ? Is XF to fast?  What is extra fast when no standard other then subjective touch and feel is used to define action. Illustrations showing tip down bends are also subjective as to how to bend the rod  to match illustrated shapes.



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