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Anglr Report: "Definition of insanity is..." Wolf Run, 10 JUN 2017

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Hey folks, I'm back with another fishing report.  This time with the Anglr data again.  I also went fishing yesterday but forgot to charge the tracker device so I don't have any data from it (no catches either, so why bother).  This time I decided to hit up Wolf Run early in the morning.  Set my alarm for 6:00am, woke up around 5:00 and tried to go back to sleep.  Woke up at 5:30am and just said 'Screw it'.  


Fed the cats and was out the door by 5:45am and on the road!  Stopped off for a refreshing beverage at my local convenience store and grabbed some PowerAdes as well - it's a good 1/4ish mile from the parking spot to the spot where I fish here, so I figured I'd be plenty sweaty lugging the whole tackle box, chair, rod/reel and refreshments on my own.


Parked at Wolf Run right around 6:30am.  I forget how much earlier it gets light during the summer - was much brighter than I was hoping for.






Despite being a bit later than I'd like, it still looked pretty good and I had a good feeling about today - water is relatively calm, visability in the water is pretty good, lots of places to cast from, but tons of vegetation.  


So, I got started with a Rapala Joined Minnow.  Saw some surface strikes over near the dam and after bit made my way over around that area and used the minnow from there as well.  No luck.  Saw some other strikes back around where I started, so worked my way back over there again with no success.


Put on a KVD Red Eye Shad in some sort of sexy shad variant and gave it a few casts - thing absolutely bombs with this Sierra rod.


Eventually I GOT A FISH ON!!!!  First time I've ever snagged a bass with a RES.  I set the hook and reel it in.  Fish gets about 6 ft away and comes to the surface - and throws the lure.  


Well ****.


So I load up and cast again - FWING!!!  I see the shad sailing away, the 6lb flouro leader no longer attached to my Suffix 832 10lb mainline.  


Are we beginning to see a pattern?  lol


To make a 4hr 11min trip shorter, I tried just about everything I had in that box.  Cranks, buzzbaits, chatterbaits, senkos, worms, creatures, craws, etc.  Didn't get a single bite the rest of the time I'm out there.


Now you understand the title - "Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result" is the definition of insanity.


Now for the Anglr data.




As you can see, dashboard still reads bupkiss when it comes to catches.  10 hours of recorded fishing, 0 catches.  Made 187 casts today and only managed to hook one.




Which you can see the tracker device registered that I did indeed hook a fish around 7:45am.




It also produces the line down through all the data blocks so you can see what each environmental stat was at the time.  Handy, I think.




So that's pretty much all the data for the trip.  4hrs, 11min and 187 casts.  No catches, one hooked and covered a little over a mile on foot total.  I didn't bother with the lures either as I figure what I'm going to do is end up entering lures only when I catch fish rather than every time I switch out - should save me a load of time...  lol


Until... next time.  Maybe.

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